Check out the SAMSUNG GALAXY GEAR 2-Way Wristwatch Retro Flashback Commercials

There are some really fun commercial spots that began airing this week for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. They feature iconic images of familiar faces from Television and Film, using futuristic watch/wrist communication devices. It’s a real treat to see all these classic and iconic characters together from Get Smart, The Flintstones, Knight Rider, Predator, The Jetsons, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Dick Tracy, Star Trek: The Motion Picture and more! Click above for the “A Long Time Coming” spot and then read ahead for the 2nd spot entitled “Evolution” which displays close-ups of popular movie and TV wristbound communications devices and features dialogue bits from those movies and shows. 



Eighty years in the making, and it’s finally here. Learn more about what makes the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear The Next Big Thing at


Samsung Galaxy-Gear

Samsung Galaxy-Gear


Star Trek - Samsung Galaxy Gear

Star Trek – Samsung Galaxy Gear



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