Check Out Some New DOCTOR WHO Trailers for this Weeks 50th Anniversary Celebration on TV

It's almost time for the Day of the Doctor...

It’s almost time for the Day of the Doctor…

You’ll be seeing an increase in some of the Doctor Who posts here on Beyond the Marquee over the next couple of weeks, not just because our staff loves the hit show, and not just because one of our correspondents are covering the events in London, but mainly because this week itself is the 50th Anniversary of the Classic BBC Sci-Fi series.

There are a couple great new trailers recently posted to promote not just the big 50th Anniversary episode of “The Day of the Doctor” on Saturday 11/23, but also “An Adventure in Space and Time”, this Friday 11/22, the behind the scenes docu-drama about the creation of the series itself and it’s original time-lord; William Hartnell. So if you don’t know what the hell a Whovian is by now, by the end of this week, it’s a sure bet you will. Take a spin, draw a card and move up 3 spaces to see the videos below…


The Day of the Doctor


An Adventure in Space and Time


BONUS!!! If you’ve stayed in the game this long, congrats…check out this great prequel video to next weekend’s “The Day of the Doctor” called “The Night of the Doctor” where we see actor Paul McGann, the made-for-TV Eighth Doctor, reprising his role just as he’s about to regenerate into what we now have been led to learn is the Ninth Doctor, played by actor John Hurt (who we’ll see in the upcoming 50th Anniversary TV Special on 11/23). Truly, an exciting time for Doctor Who fans around the world both new and old, for sure!



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