Robot Chicken Season 6 (Blu-ray Review)

Robot Chicken -Season 6

Robot Chicken -Season 6

As a dad, I love infusing my kids with pop-culture, especially people, places, things and events of my day, my youth…because…well it was cool. So of course besides letting my kids occasionally play with some of my vintage collectible toys and action figure figures, I expose them to classic television shows I grew up on as a kid. Now all this is well and fine and natural…what’s not sane for any father to do is to let your kids (6 and under) watch the hilarious Emmy® Award-Winning Stop-Motion Parodies from the New Adult Swim Blu-ray™ and DVD of Robot Chicken Season 6. This is where I made my mistake. Thinking what could it hurt…I opened up a Pandora’s box of chaos in my house.

For Adults…I can’t tell you enough how essential this video is to making you laugh and connecting your toys and nostalgia together for hours of entertainment. Just getting your children unhooked from it will be the challenge. Click ahead for my review and be sure to add to your collection the latest installment of the Animated Series that lampoons Pop Culture Icons! Now on Blu-ray and DVD in Bonus Feature-Heavy Home Video Release!


The Official Synopsis:

This October, Robot Chicken returns to Blu-ray™ and DVD in all of its stop-motion – and Emmy® Award-winning – glory in the latest release from Adult Swim, Robot Chicken Season 6! The top-rated, animated television series from co-creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich continues to bring pop-culture parodies to life in the modern take on the variety/sketch show format that has become its trademark. Featuring all 20 episodes from the series’ latest season on Adult Swim, the Robot Chicken Season 6 Blu-ray and DVD boasts a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes footage and insider-access content – enough to satiate any fan of the series, Adult Swim, and pop culture. It will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on October 8, 2013 for the suggested retail price of $39.98 and $29.98, respectively.


Robot Chicken -Season 6

Robot Chicken -Season 6


The Review: Just for starters, let me just toot my own gown by saying that many years ago I had the chance to interview Seth Green and Matt Seinrich around the 1st year of Robot Chicken‘s inception. I visited the stages where they were working on new skits, hung w/ the show writers and took part in the behind the scenes fun that this group of amazing geeks, nerds, writers, enthusiasts, collectors and pop-culturalists band together to create. It was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in my career at the time and one of those jobs you wish you could go work for, because these guys, as much as they work, are seriously playing all day.

In the way that I felt Michael Bay captured the imaginative play-time I had with robots called Transformers in the 1980’s and turned it into a big screen motion picture…is what Robot Chicken continually does with it’s content. Taking taboo things you may have thought about toys, characters, movies and tv shows and no holds barred creates it. From raunchy to down right gut busting the skits will leave you crying. Back in the days of VHS tapes I would have worn these cassette episodes out…but thanks to DVR’s, DVD’s and Blu-ray, I can now enjoy these Robot Chicken shows over and over again.

Again, my mistake for thinking my kids would get a kick out of seeing animated characters in somewhat extremely funny situations, because once I turned them onto the show I couldn’t get them to stop asking to want to watch more. But they are far too violent and there’s far too much adult language to let my 4 and 6 year old be exposed to that. A few more years of Disney Channel before the Robot Chickens come down off Daddy’s high shelf of movies in our home collection. I can only imagine what their little minds thought about watching E.T. throw ninja stars at soldiers on the ground and all the nasty and vile things coming out of the mouths of Elmo and Oscar the Grouch in another skit. Oh these videos look sweet and innocent but the content, while a treat for adults, does not pass the parent meter approval.


Robot Chicken -Season 6

Robot Chicken -Season 6


In addition to extensive episode commentary for all 20 episodes, the Robot Chicken Season 6 Blu-ray and DVD contains an impressive list of special features, including:

·       The Making of Robot Chicken Season 6

·       They Came to Play featurette

·       Our First Ladies featurette

·       Kirkman on Kirkman featurette

·       Outtakes!

·       My First Time featurette

·       The Dirt on Seth and Matt featurette

·       The Inside Joke featurette

·       The Wilson Identity: From People to Puppets

·       The Benefits of Robot Chicken

·       Who the F*** is Zeb featurette

·       Post-Apolcalyptic Future of Holidays

·       Channel Flips

·       Chicken Nuggets

·       Deleted Animatics


Easily the best Season yet, over 220 minutes, all those Bonus Features above and the guest voices will amaze you, especially when some of your favorite stars like  Elizabeth Banks, Sarah Chalke, Kat Dennings, Sam Elliott, Ben Foster, Whoopi Goldberg, Lucas Grabeel, Megan Hilty, Gillian Jacobs, Zachary Levi, J.B. Smoove, Liev Schreiber, Jon Stewart, Patrick Stewart, Stanley Tucci, Olivia Wilde, and Alex Winter not only voice a bevy of characters, but some reprise roles they acted in in films and television! Really…add this to your Christmas list today, you won’t be disappointed!

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Robot Chicken -Season 6

Robot Chicken -Season 6



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