Lindalee Meets the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith!

5 1/2 year old Lindalee Rose is living the dream as she’s in London for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversay Celebration. This fresh young Whovian who just over a year ago began her on-camera reviews of the hit BBC show, has now travelled to the birthplace of the show to not only partake in the weekend’s festivities and talk to fans, but to meet some of the cast from the show as well. Her 1st day on the job made the trip worthwhile as she met the show’s resident time-lord, Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor). Keeping with the theme of the birthday weekend, Lindalee had some unique questions of her own for Matt. 


Lindalee and Matt Smith

Lindalee and Matt Smith

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2 Responses to “Lindalee Meets the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith!”

  1. Philip McGeown says:

    He actually loves her!
    My daughter and I loved David Tennant and went into mourning when he changed to Matt. We thought it was over for us.
    We then happened to bump into him in a restaurant in Belfast on the very night his first episode was aired. He was here filming something else. No one recognised him at that stage, so we were able to chat with him casually. He was lovely, and really great with my kid. He asked her opinion on the first episode and told her she looked like little Amy Pond. We were won over. He has acted his socks off since and we are very likely to cry again on Christmas Day . Pass the tissues!!

  2. Mrs Gillyflower AKA Ann says:

    Was a pleasure to meet LindaLee, I was so hoping to meet up and it was so much fun to be able to hang out with my favourite youtuber. I can’t believe that LindaLee Rose liked my costume and wanted to interview me! I can’t wait to see the review of the latest episode and her report from the convention. She was the highlight for me, the icing on my cake.

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