EXCLUSIVE: New Video – Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan Discuss TRON Deleted Scenes

Bruce and Cindy -- 11-16-13 TRON Parallel

A picture I took of actors Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan on 11-16-13 which ironically echoed similar poses they had in a scene in the original 1982 TRON film.

Actors Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan recently reunited for a celebrated return to “The Grid” — meeting and greeting several fans at a Los Angeles area convention. Many brought TRON related items for them to sign — a variety of memorabilia that showcased the actors in their iconic TRON and Yori roles from the original 1982 TRON movie, as well, persons brought items from 2010’s TRON: LEGACY, and the 2012/2013 TRON: UPRISING animated series. Here’s exclusive video I shot of Boxleitner and Morgan discussing the deleted scenes from the ’82 TRON movie, in which they fondly recollect moments filming them, sharing intriguing details and thoughts… some resulting in hilarious moments!

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In relation to TRON geography: the convention, produced by Nuke the Fridge, and held at the expansive Frank and Son Collectible Show on November 16th, 2013, was located just 32.7 miles east of the original filming location of Flynn’s Arcade, and just 25.6 miles east of the original filming location for select scenes of the ENCOM building in both TRON and TRON: LEGACY.

For the event, I brought a selection of rare, production used kodaliths from my collection: 20″ by 12.5″ cel-like, high quality photographic images used in the filming of the original 1982 TRON movie. Each featured Boxleitner and Morgan — two of which were of deleted scenes, and the other from when they fly aboard the “solar sailer”.

TRON Kodaliths - TRON & Yori Deleted Scenes copy

Production Kodaliths: 20″ by 12.5″ cel-like, high quality photographic images used in the filming of the original 1982 TRON movie — here: two images from deleted scenes.

Boxleitner and Morgan discussed the pieces — and reflected on the moments surrounding the filming. Morgan noted the absolute blackness of the backgrounds they were within, sans the final, colorful details composited in the film: “This is pretty much what everything looked like. For six weeks we were in a black warehouse…”. Boxleitner added: “… a black hole. Someone said: ‘Do you remember Disney’s The Black Hole?’ I said: I worked in it…”. Morgan added: “In fact, they were talking about The Black Hole on the set…”.

“You can really see Syd Mead’s costumes here,” Morgan noted while looking at the black circuitry lines delineating where the final blue glow would appear in the film – “it really shows… you can see his style.” Mead’s artwork has impacted the look of key classic sci-fi/fantasy films, including Blade Runner and Aliens.

Cindy Morgan reminding Bruce Boxleitner of certain “happenings” that went down during the filming of the (deleted) “love scene”.

They also discussed the romantic nature of the deleted “love scene” — how things were more so implied and suggested, rather than shown — which led them into a hilarious expository as to how programs in the digital world might actually consummate. At one point, Morgan leaned over to whisper in Boxleitner’s ear, reminding him of certain “occurrences” that took place while filming the “love scene”, causing Boxleitner to laugh and blush!

Also discussed/included in the video (below):

  • An incident which involved Robert Redford that brought production of the (deleted) “love scene” to a temporary standstill.
  • Boxleitner’s punk hairdo style that was explored early on for his character.
  • Why they think the “love scene” was ultimately excised from the film.
  • Boxleitner spoofing Jeff Bridges’ line in TRON: LEGACY – “Sam – you’re really… you’re messing with my Zen thing, man.” — in relation to his own “Yoga TRON” pose in one of the deleted scenes/kodaliths.
  • Boxleitner having some fun with a couple of Mattel “TRON Deadly Discs” Intellivision games I brought that he and Morgan signed — holding them up, and saying: “You too in ’82 — can get your own… Discs of TRON!”.
  • — and more!

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– Jay West

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2 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: New Video – Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan Discuss TRON Deleted Scenes”

  1. I am incredibly impressed with both of them from this. It’s nice to know they have some fun memories from what was bound to be one of the most challenging jobs they have had as actor. (And it seems they understand the significance of being involved in such a ground breaking project.) Kudos to both of them! – Allen in Iowa

  2. Cindy Morgan says:

    BEAUTIFUL work, Jay West!!!
    Loved the editing and the fact that you were able to shoot this on the fly. 😉

    Cindy Morgan

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