Dave Nimitz with some of his FLINTSTONE collection

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  1. Greg Chenoweth says:

    Dave, I love your collection. I am a big Hanna-Barbera fan as well; in particular, Huckleberry Hound. He has always been a part of my life and I collect Huck stuff like you collect Flintstones. One of my biggest prizes in my collection is a framed stained glass Huckleberry Hound piece that a friend made as a wedding gift for me. Some friends were in Japan and found a Huckleberry Hound seat cushion. Another friend was in Alaska with the army and found a Huckleberry Hound golf club cover.

    Good luck finding more Flintstones merchandise.

    • Dave Nimitz says:

      Thanks Greg,

      I love Huck Hound too we go way back too and i have quit a few hucks in my general HB collection as well hes just as hard to find now as the Flintstones are last year in Arizona on my trip to bedrock city we stopped in Prescott Az TO search thirty stores for Flintstones but only found a huck hound 1960 scooter toy its very rare found for 20 bucks ill take a pic when i get home for you

      thanks again
      Dave Nimitz

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