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Previously on Once Upon a Time it was revealed that Zelena was nearing the completion of her spell, which would allow her to go back in time. By going back in time, she believes that she will be able to have the glorious life that her sister had, and fully develop and nurture her own power with Rumpelstilskin’s help. Will Zelena be able to find her happy ending by enacting the spell, or will the Charming’s be able to keep their newborn child that’s on its way? Click ahead for our “Once Upon A Time” Recap and Review, as we find out.

With leadership and radiance a glowing, Glinda reaches out to Zelena.

With leadership and radiance a glowing, Glinda reaches out to Zelena.

The two main elements of this episode were similar to this juncture of the season, in that they took place in the past and in the present. Yet this time an unlikely hero will make a far greater impact on Zelena than what she could have ever imagined. In Zelena’s past, she was given an opportunity to find her own innocence, and reclaim a seat at the Heart of Oz along with her sister witches. In the present, Snow’s birth was reaching a climactic end, and with that Zelena’s threat of taking the baby away became fully realized.

Glinda approaches Zelena with the chance to leave her jealousy and envy behind, and to join the other Witches of Oz in a more triumphant cause. Initially Zelena is welcomed, and feels a strong sense of love from the various witches; however, upon the arrival of Dorothy Gale…. who arrives to Oz by a twister, Zelena feels threatened, as Dorothy may be the rightful heir to the Western part of Oz.


To test just how powerful Dorothy is, Zelena sneaks up on Dorothy, and pulls a fireball at her fingertips. In fear, Dorothy pours a bucket of water in order to save herself. With that, Zelena melts away, and Dorothy is taken to see the Wizard of Oz, with the belief that the Wicked Witch of the West has passed.

With Dorothy's fate in the hands of Zelena, where did she go upon clicking her heels together?

With Dorothy’s fate in the hands of Zelena, where did she go upon clicking her heels together?

Sadly for Dorothy after being given, Golden Slippers, she clicks her heels together three times, and yearns for herself to be taken home. Tragically though Zelena reveals as the Wizard to Glinda, and says that she was always going to be darkness, and that she allowed herself to  get the better of herself to believe that she could be pure and innocent. Lastly, she revealed to Glinda that she would stop at nothing to receive what Regina had.

While Snow White rushed to the hospital to go into labor, Rumple spun his final strings of gol.  As Snow White was checked in at the hospital, Zelena turned that gold into a brain. With that brain, the only step left was claiming the baby for herself. As Zelena and the Dark One began their attack on the hospital, Hook and Emma laid on the outskirts of Zelena’s property. Unfortunately though, Zelena used magic to drown Hook in a tank, compelling Emma to revive him, thereby losing her power.


Fortunately for Hook, Emma kisses him, but in the process she looses her power, which may have some dramatic repercussions in the two part Season Finale. Yet during that time, Zelena and Rumple continued their onslaught as Robin Hood and his crew, Belle, and Regina were done away with at the hospital.

With his sword at his side, will Charming stand a chance at protecting his newborn?

With his sword at his side, will Charming stand a chance at protecting his newborn?

As Zelena entered the delivery room, Charming stood up to this villainous witch; however, with her power, he proved to be no match, as the child… BABY BOY TO BE EXACT… fell into Zelena’s hands. With Zelena close to seeing her malicious schemes enacted, our heroes united to take her down once and for all. Yet with Emma’s magic gone, they were down to the heart of the truest believer, which was an unlikely person of sorts. In fact, it was Henry who nominated Regina, to fight against her sister, because she has shown the power to use light magic. This is important because it is the only type of magic that can break Zelena. With that decision, Zelena’s past decision to give into her greed, and Regina’s desire to change for good, has led to this cataclysmic event since the shows creation.

As Zelena’s all powerful spell had been enacted between the baby, and the symbols for brains, heart, and courage; yet, in the nick of time our hero core of: Emma, Regina, Robin Hood, Captain Hook, and Prince Charming, took flight. With his power, Rumpelstiltskin did away with Emma, Robin Hood, Captain Hook, and Prince Charming, along with a Flying Monkey. As Zelena had Regina in her grasps, for what seemed to be the final time, Zelena had underestimated Regina, and her propensity to do good. And as Zelena prepared a fatal blow, Regina found the goodness within her heart, and Regina’s power sent Zelena on her heels, and with it the Dark One’s Dagger as it flew out of her pocket.

Zelena, STUNNED, was now forced to deal with the consequences of her actions, which bore no fruit. She was quickly imprisoned, and with her pennant removed, so to was her threat to Storybrooke. As the majority of our heroes aim to leave the area, Rumple, free from Zelena’s control, longs to get justice for Neal’s death. In her better angels though, Regina says that, “Heroes don’t kill,” and with that she escorts Zelena to the prison, and later gives Belle the Dark One’s Dagger.

With Snow's baby boy returned to her. The overwhelming love from Charming and Snow emanate to their baby.

With Snow’s baby boy returned to her. The overwhelming love from Charming and Snow emanate to their baby.

In closing, Regina demonstrates that she’s apt to forgive Zelena, now as she sits behind the jail cell in a position of weakness. Yet it’s only through her son’s strength, that Regina can hope to find her own inner innocence as Glinda had longed for for Zelena. After many triumphs and betrayals though Belle and Rumpelstiltskin were finally engaged. Later that evening though, Rumple returns to the prison, with the Dark One’s dagger, after giving a fake to Belle. With the almighty dagger in hand, Rumple moves into her cell to find his own inner peace, and avenge his own son’s death. As he stabs Zelena, she turn into a million pieces, and turns into rubble on the floor, and Zelena’s gone for good… RIGHT?

In the shocking conclusion of the episode though Snow White is reunited with Charming, Emma, and Henry as a happy family. But the sad news that came from this reunionr was that Emma intended to take Henry back to New York. Finally, with Zelena’s death, Zelena’s pennant initiated some magical spell to come to pass, and with it the passing of Zelena’s time curse.

Next week we’ll find out if that was the last of Zelena, or if she has one final appearance left to make. Can Belle forgive Rumple yet again now that he has killed her, or will this question her commitment? Lastly, the preview showed Emma and Hook dancing at a Ball. With that in mind will Emma embrace her roots, or go back to New York… FOR GOOD?!



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