Lindalee’s Doctor Who Fan Art Review – Episode 14 (SEASON ONE: FINALE)

In the Season One finale of Lindalee’s DOCTOR WHO Fan Art Review, our resident 6 year old Whovian reviews a new batch of drawings submitted from fellow Doctor Who fans around the world and gets a fun TARDIS themed fan video submission. Plus, the winner of the recent exciting Fan-Art contest is announced!

And though Lindalee is taking off for the Summer, she will return this Fall with the return of the premiere of Doctor Who Season 8 in August. With all new Recaps, Reviews, Cast Interviews Fan Art Submissions, a new Set-Design, Cool contests and more, you’ll definitely not want to miss it. Subscribe to our official Beyond the Marquee YouTube Channel now at for the latest updates and “See WHO in August!”


Lindalee's Doctor Who FAN-ART Review, Episode 14 (Season 1 Finale)

Lindalee’s Doctor Who FAN-ART Review, Episode 14 (Season 1 Finale)


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