Lucasfilm Reveals Five NEW 3-D Star Wars: Episode One Posters!!!


The Force is Back in 3-D

In celebration of the 3-D re-release of 1999’s Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, which returns to theaters for a limited time on February 10 2012, five new posters have made their debut on-line this week courtesy of Lucasfilm. Let us know what you think and check them all out here (click on any to ENLARGE)!

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One Response to “Lucasfilm Reveals Five NEW 3-D Star Wars: Episode One Posters!!!”

  1. DaveWill says:

    Personally I think some work better than others but 3D is notoriously difficult to capture in print. I think the second poster from the top is the most successful in conveying the idea of depth, the breaking out of the frame into the white boarder really helps and is a great use of space. Is it just another way to charge the same fans to see the same movies again though? Will 3D really add something special to the franchise?

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