Beyond the Marquee: The Web-Series (Episode 66) – “75 Years of Batman” Exhibit

This week marks the 75th anniversary of Batman taking his first leap onto the comic book pages and into the imaginations of millions of fans across the world. The celebrations were kicked off when DC Comics declared July 23rd as the official “Batman Day.” In honor of this anniversary milestone in Dark Knight history, Beyond the Marquee was recently given an amazing opportunity to visit the new “75 Years of Batman” exhibit which can now be seen on the Warner Bros. VIP Tour.

Beyond the Marquee’s own, Steve Czarnecki, was once again allowed Vicki Vale access to the Batcave filled with all the wonderful props, costumes and vehicles on display encompassing 75 years of Batman. Joined by his guides, Mark Greenhalgh and John Kourounis, Steve takes you on a trip back through Gotham that is well worth your time.  Click ahead for more …

We here at Beyond the Marquee were more than happy to return to the studio lot in Burbank when our friends at the Warner Bros. Archives extended an invitation to take us on a guided tour through the new Batman anniversary exhibit. In the past, we’ve been privileged to not only cover the Warner Bros. Museum in three separate BTM: The Web-Series episodes, but we also got an exclusive look at ‘The Dark Knight Legend’ Exhibit that was on display in downtown Los Angeles in 2012. If you happened to miss those videos, we’ve linked them below for you to enjoy.

The “75 Years of Batman” exhibit brings together a diverse collection of props, costumes and vehicles from all 7 of the Batman films produced by Warner Bros. over the last two decades. Rarely seen items from Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) all the way up to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight (2012), have been put on display and it’s great to see such iconic props and costumes now being shared with the public. And, despite their typically being panned as poor installments in the Batman franchise, we have to admit the props and costumes from the Joel Schumacher films, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, are really impressive and beautifully made. We’re thrilled to see such detailed craftmanship preserved by the talented Warner Bros. Archives staff for future generations to enjoy.

You might think that just seeing a museum full of Batman props and costumes would be excitement enough…but it doesn’t end there. Transported by customized Bat Tour Carts, guests of the Warner Bros. VIP Tour are also taken across the studio lot to explore an amazing collection full of Batman’s best crime-fighting vehicles. Batmobiles, Tumblers, Bat-cycles and a few other surprises are in store at the Warner Bros. Picture Car Vault and seeing them up close and personal is like taking your own trip down the Batpole into the Batcave itself.

So, put away your Marquee’ologist hat, grab your cape and cowl, and tag along as Beyond the Marquee follows the Bat-signal through 75 years of Batman’s wonderful toys.  Enjoy!


75 Years Logo

’75 Years of Batman’ Exhibit




‘The Dark Knight Legend’ Exhibit

In late 2012, the Warner Bros. Archives put on an amazing and all-encompassing Batman exhibit entitled, “The Dark Knight Legend” that was located at LA Live near the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles. The exhibit featured a sprawling and impressive display of Batman props, costumes, set-pieces and cars from the Batman franchise. Beyond the Marquee was given an exclusive tour and it’s one that no Batman fan wants to miss!

The Dark Knight Legend Exhibit –




The Warner Bros. Museum


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BTM Host and Chief Marquee'ologist; Steve Czarnecki next to the 1989 Keaton Batmobile

BTM Host and Chief Marquee’ologist; Steve Czarnecki next to the 1989 Keaton Batmobile


BTM Host Steve Czarnecki and WB VIP Tour Rep John Kourounis take a spin around the 75 Years of Batman Picture Car Vault

BTM Host Steve Czarnecki and WB VIP Tour Rep John Kourounis take a spin around the 75 Years of Batman Picture Car Vault


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