The Phenomenon That Is The ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

The Phenomenon That Is The 'Sons Of Anarchy'

The Phenomenon That Is The ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

Moving into its final season, the FX drama “Sons Of Anarchy” is more than a well written show. It is a look into an American subculture and a treatise on moral ambiguity and masculinity. The insight into the mind of the antihero has opened a yearning in the American psyche, creating a resurgence in motorcycle riding.

According to an article in the Hollywood Reporter, ‘SoA’ star Mark Boone Jr claims to have saved Harley-Davidson. The iconic motorcycle maker had a 6 percent bump in U.S. sales from 2012 to 2013, possibly because of the show’s popularity.

Click ahead to read some of the points on what’s making this show a cultural phenomenon for the world of bikers.



The Old West With Metal Horses

In the old western movies, the way that you knew the good guys from the bad guys was the color of their hats. Whether a white hat or a black hat, both characters could easily kill, fight or torture. In the Hollywood portrayal of the old west, a man’s morality was part of his masculinity. ‘SoA’ has taken this notion into the modern age. Motorcycles are cool because they bring the locus of control into the heart of our masculinity.


Custom Chopper

The show has become so popular with a burgeoning subculture that Harley is creating a limited-edition ‘SoA’ motorcycle. The company will only create about 100 of them that will retail at about $25,000 for the base model. There is a certain irony to the idea. People with money can buy a motorcycle that symbolizes rebellion from the capitalistic system of rules and regulations and deck them out with custom parts. At the end of the day, the bike can sit in the four car garage in a suburban home. This is the intrigue that the show offers. For an hour every week, we get to pretend to be outlaws, badasses, and rebels without any of that pesky red tape that comes with the legal system.


The Bikes

If you were a rider before the show then it is the bikes that got your attention. ‘SoA’ showcases some of the sweetest motorcycles on TV. The appeal of the cycles is that they are stripped down, without silly dragon tails or impractical handlebars. Main character Clay Morrow rides a 2008 Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide, painted in mat black. The new club leader Jax rides a 2003 Glide Sport that boasts a 78.2 ft lb torque and a 95.3 ×101.6mm bore/stroke ratio.


The Motorcycle Club Of The Future

With the show coming to a close, we wonder what is going to happen to the characters and the fans. We can guess that the finale will have its fair share of chaos and mayhem. After all, anarchy means disorder due to the absence or lack of recognition of authority. Death and vengeance will also be the order of the day. This may be a spoiler, so act accordingly, but director/producer Paris Barclay told people at the San Diego Comic Con 2014 that some people will survive the show’s ending but not many. With a vacuum created by these deaths, there is hope that the fans will take the places of the club’s members, albeit in a pretend, respectful and fun way.


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