“Weird Al” Yankovic, Harry Shearer and Micky Dolenz to Honor Humorist Stan Freberg on November 2nd in Hollywood

Get your tickets now for this amazing tribute to humorist Stan Freberg!

Get your tickets now for this amazing tribute to humorist Stan Freberg!

As a kid growing up and listening to Stan Freberg comedy records in my bedroom, I’m excited to share this announcement for all those who appreciate good satire and clever parody. If you’re not familiar with humorist Stan Freberg, for over the past 70 years he’s lent his unique talents to radio, TV and film as a writer, author, voice actor, advertising guru, director and composer. Modern day musical parody legend “Weird Al” Yankovic has many times acknowledged Freberg as his greatest influence, noting that without Stan Freberg, there’d be no “Weird Al”.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and are up for a night of pure Entertainment, then get your tickets now to “THE GENIUS OF STAN FREBERG: 70 YEARS OF CREATIVE ENTERTAINMENT”. Set for November 2nd at 7pm and hosted by Harry Shearer, this event at the American Cinematheque at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theater will feature special appearances by “Weird Al” Yankovic, Micky Dolenz award-winning filmmaker Bob Kurtz, animation experts Jerry Beck and Eric Goldberg, many other Freberg colleagues and celebrity fans as they pay tribute to a comic legend!

In addition to spontaneous humor and live musical performances, the program will present a dazzling array of favorite clips chosen by Freberg fans, as well as rarely-seen examples of Stan’s ground-breaking writing and performances in radio and records, television series and specials, animated films and of course his hilarious TV ads. Stan will also explore his own career and legacy in a lively exchange with his wife and partner, Hunter Freberg.

Beyond the Marquee will be on hand covering this event and we can’t wait to share with you the highlights from the evening in an upcoming BTM: The Web Series Segment!

Click ahead for more details about the event and check out some rare moments from the life and work of Stan Freberg.


Celebrated as much for inspiring others as for his own creativity, Freberg has been named as an important influence by a wide range of artists. In addition to Harry Shearer and Al Yankovic, Freberg is revered by director Steven Spielberg (who has referred to him as his boyhood muse), “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner, and actor-comedian Billy Crystal. Perhaps the greatest tribute to Freberg’s gifts came from another genius, Albert Einstein, who once famously apologized for leaving a Cal Tech meeting by explaining, “you’ll have to excuse me gentlemen, but it’s Time For Beany.”

A clip from that classic kids show, “Time for Beany,” is just one of the timeless Freberg performances to be showcased on November 2. Others include excerpts from recorded comedy classics “John and Marsha,” “Saint George and the Dragonet,” “Banana Boat,” and “Stan Freberg Presents The United States of America.” Also featured are rare segments from Freberg’s television specials, “The Chung King Comedy Hour” and “The Federal Budget Revue,” as well as Stan’s hilarious Clio-winning TV ads for Sunsweet Prunes (featuring Sci-fi legend Ray Bradbury), Jacobson Lawn Mowers, (“Faster Than Sheep!”), a dazzling production number for “Great American Soup,” and because his fans demand it, The Lone Ranger and Tonto promoting “Jeno’s Pizza Rolls.”

Among his other notable achievements, Freberg is credited with creating the word “Grammy,” and Ad Age has dubbed him “the Father of the funny commercial.”

Information about the evening is available at the American Cinematheque website, www.americancinemathequecalendar.com, and advance tickets can be purchased at www.fandango.com. Ticket prices are $15 for general admission, $13 for students, and $11 for American Cinematheque members.


Stan Freberg’s humorous spoof of the Lawrence Welk Show


Stan Freberg Presents The United States of America pt 1&2


Freberg recounts his experiences with Beany and Cecil


Vintage Zagnut Commercial


Chun King Chow Mein Commercial




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2 Responses to ““Weird Al” Yankovic, Harry Shearer and Micky Dolenz to Honor Humorist Stan Freberg on November 2nd in Hollywood”

  1. daviddavid says:

    Stan Freberg = genius! With MICKY DOLENZ too … this will be a tremendous event!

  2. brian harvey says:

    I think i have EVERY album that Stan ever put out!
    I adore him.
    I have listened to the HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES 1 & 2 i cant tell you how many times.

    Myself and Steve’s mother in law, met Stan in burbank, so nice…..if you meet him, remind him that he promised me a line in his new album.

    would love to hold him to that.

    wait what was that?
    oh, french horns!

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