Once Upon a Time “The Snow Queen”- Season 4 Episode 7 (TV Review)

Previously on Once Upon a Time… Emma and Elsa realized that the Snow Queens intention was to create a new family, with the two of them as her specially selected sisters.

"ONCE UPON A TIME"- The Snow Queen

“ONCE UPON A TIME”- The Snow Queen

Meanwhile, through Belle’s insecurities, in terms of her knowledge about the whereabout of Anna, Belle faces the truth by telling Elsa the truth about Anna.

Regina had demanded that Robin Hood keep her out of his life, so that he could fall back in love with his first true love, Maid Marion.

Lastly, there was a huge can of worms presented when Grand Papi told Anna that Gerda did have two older sisters and that they had been erased from the public record. When Anna pressed him why, he said that Ingrid and Helga had disappeared in the royal garden, and that they were never spoken of or heard of again.

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Continue reading below if you’d like to know what actually happened in Arendelle the generation before the well known royal sisters of Anna and Elsa. Furthermore, hold on tight because in this weeks episode Ingrid, the Snow Queen, will make a decision that will begin to unravel the foundation of one institution, and give way for the future formation of another group of women. The longterm conflict that arose out of this episode is how exactly Snow White and Prince Charming will deal with Emma’s magic coming to the fore in an unstoppable fashion. Furthermore, will Regina find the author of the Once Upon a Time book? Will Robin Hood and Regina find their happily ever after? How far will Emma go to deny the Snow Queen her ultimate fantasy?

The episode opened with young Ingrid accidentally killing a villager who threatened her sisters, when she sent an icy blast his way leading to his demise, and her own sisters rescue. From then on the 3 sisters of, Ingrid, Helga, and Gerda, made a promise to always be there for each other as long as they had the ribbons. Later in life though, as Ingrid’s power began to grow, she sought a way to minimize her powers, so she, along with her two sisters, went to… you guessed it… Rumplestiltskin. With magic comes a price though, and so the three girls exchanged their ribbons that had become inherently magical because of the love that bonded them, and Ingrid received a pair of gloves that she could put on to block any spell from being cast. However, the Duke of Wessleton tried to make an advance on Ingrid, while he was pursuing Helga, and Ingrid defended herself, but in her fear for being outed as a “monster” Ingrid accidentally froze the heart of her younger sister, Helga. With that Ingrid lost her innocence completely, compelling Gerda to take action and encase Ingrid in the yearn that Rumplestiltskin had given to them. So the mystery had been revealed about why Grand Papi told Anna of her family’s past, and why Ingrid will stop at nothing to recreate that bond that she once had. This origins story was brilliantly woven between the reality that the Snow Queen now found for herself, as she laid the path towards reaching her goal of finding family.

"ONCE UPON A TIME"- Snow Queen

“ONCE UPON A TIME”- Snow Queen

At the opening of this weeks episode, Ingrid went to Storybrooke’s clock tower and brought her mirror along with her, but with her appearance brought an opportunity for her to capitalize on her relationship with Emma. Upon being captured by the likes of Emma, Hook, Elsa, and Charming, Ingrid was taken in for questioning by Sheriff Swan and Queen Elsa; however, after Elsa looses her cool… pun intended… Emma and Ingrid have a stirring one on one, that allows the Snow Queen to get inside the head of Emma, and with it become isolated from the whole of Storybrooke society. Ingrid planted the seed that although Snow White and Prince Charming might be there blood family, that the true bond of family goes much deeper and stronger than that. Although Emma rebukes her claims and says that she feels that they love her for who she is, Ingrid digs into the darkness, and stresses the differences between them, by saying that there always have and always will be fear in their eyes. With that, Emma becomes unglued and the magic held deep within her body becomes unleashed. Then the Snow Queen gets away, and as the citizenry come upon the rubble, Emma’s magic becomes uncontrollable, and she injures her father in the process.

"ONCE UPON A TIME"- Snow Queen

“ONCE UPON A TIME”- Snow Queen

To answer those subplots I’ll reflect on each of them with the developments that took place, and what was alluded to potentially happen in the future. As far as Operation Mongoose was concerned Regina supported Henry’s decision to go work for Rumple, and by the end of the episode you could tell that Rumple tried to keep his allusiveness with Henry. Although they kissed passionately, could Regina and Robin ever come to terms with embracing their love for one another. Even though Regina recognized that Robin is the only way that Maid Marion will come back to life, there love for one another finally became tangible. Lastly, the Snow Queen sees Emma run off to the edge of town after being alienated by her family and friends, and that brings the episode to a close.

Tune in next week as for the first time there will be a midseason 2 hour episode.¬†Emma seeks to lose her power by going on a quest to be stripped of what made her unique, and reclaim her normalcy. What will Emma’s decision and pursuing of such a goal do to others, and just how far will she go to achieve her goal? This 2 hour special will arguably be the most dynamic episodes in the series history as the savior may cease to be able to protect Storybrooke, and her son, Henry, from the Snow Queen and her evil mirror.

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