Part Two Of An Exciting STAR WARS: REBELS Story Arc Airs Tonight!


New episode airs tonight!


Tune into Disney XD tonight to see the second part of a STAR WARS story arc which began with last week’s “Empire Day” episode. Follow the Rebels as they continue to fight in their struggles against the oppressive Empire! Read on for more!

With the Inquisitor hot on the Ghost’s tail, Kanan and Ezra split off in the Phantom to draw him away from the Imperial deserter, Tseebo. Master and apprentice lure the Imperials to the abandoned asteroid base and its carnivorous creatures, only to be overwhelmed by the Inquisitor’s onslaught. When the Inquisitor appears unstoppable, Ezra comes precariously close to the dark side of the Force.

Ezra confronts the Inquisitor when STAR WARS: REBELS airs at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT tonight on Disney XD!


You can also view full episodes of STAR WARS: REBELS at!

 Jay West

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