[VIDEO] Watch the Premiere Launch of the NEW Nerdist ‘Doctor Who Companion’ After Show

As part of the Nerdist Alliance, Beyond the Marquee’s resident Whovian Lindalee Rose was on hand as a special guest to help our pals at Nerdist studios last night to launch their new LIVE/Streaming Doctor Who Companion after show.

Joining hosts Michele Morrow and Matt Acevedo, along with Nerdist’s in-house Doctor Who fan Kyle Anderson, the group ran down everything that happened in that night’s emotional episode, “Face the Raven.”


Lindalee Rose, Matt Acevedo and Michele Morrow on the set of 'Doctor Who Companion' at the Nerdist studios

Lindalee Rose, Matt Acevedo and Michele Morrow on the set of the first episode of the ‘Doctor Who Companion’ at the Nerdist studios


Of the 30 minute show, we’ve pulled some of the fun moments of non-scripted banter and exchanges between Lindalee and the rest of the cast of the show. as they discuss Doctor’s, Companions, Enemies and more! Check it out below…



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