“Obviously, everyone at Nerdist is a big fan of Doctor Who, and we’re all proud to be partnering with Lindalee, the littlest, big Doctor Who fan. Beyond the Marquee’s dedication to highlighting and exploring the unsung heroes of filmmaking is exactly the kind of intelligent passion we seek in our Alliance partners and we can’t wait to see what stories they share with us next.” 

Rebecca Lando, Network Director, Nerdist Channel


“Great segment, Steve, thank YOU!!!”

– Bob Gale, Co-Creator/Producer/Writer of the BACK TO THE FUTURE Trilogy (about his involvement with a Beyond the Marquee Web-Series episode)


“Steve, Thanks for the great job.  People are seeing it and responding very well.  thanks for the kind consideration.  It’s always good. My best to you….drew”

-Drew Struzan, Movie Poster Artist (about his Beyond the Marquee Web-Series episodes)


“Having collaborated with Steve Czarnecki on a multitude of ‘Back to the Future’-related projects over the past dozen or so years, it is of no surprise to me the high-level of professionalism and expertise he brings to his latest venture, Beyond the Marquee. His keen eye for detail and his persistence to get the inside scoop are just a few prime examples of what makes this web series a must-view. I consider it a distinct honor to be associated with such a talented individual, and I am always proud to partner with him on any project he’s involved with. He simply makes all of us ‘Steves’ look pretty darn good!” 

– Stephen Clark, Creative Director at BTTF.com  (in reference to a collaboration of Back to the Future-related web-series episodes on Beyond the Marquee)


“Amazing – the video is really great.  Love it! Definitely looking forward to working with you guys more in the future – the studio has loved what you’ve done for the event!”

– FOX Studios Home Entertainment (on Beyond the Marquee’s coverage of their 2012 Simpson’s Viewing Challenge event)


“Wonderful work everyone! Looks phenomenal! I Tweeted and Facebooked about this episode last night and have gotten such a great, positive response! yay!”

– Max Adler “Dave Kurofsky” from FOX Television’s GLEE (about his Beyond the Marquee Web-Series episode)


“Wow, that is awesome! I think you did a great job!  I love the outtakes at the end. I will put a link to it on my site. Thank you once again, I think it came out really well.”

 – Dylan Cole, Concept Designer/Matte Painter Dylan Cole (on his Beyond the Marquee Web-Series episode)


“The episode was APE-TASTIC!  I shared it with all of my friends and family and it’s been posted on a few of the ape fan-sites from what I understand! Looking forward to seeing more eps and look me up for 2012’s Halloween episode as well!  Who knows what I’ll have added to the resume by then!”

  – Brian Penikas, Emmy nominated make-up artist (on his Beyond the Marquee Web-Series episode)


“The Video was AWESOME!  You guys really did an amazing job editing that together. Can’t wait to have you back. Really great work. Very impressed.”

– Scott Neitlich, Marketing Manager for Mattel Toys’ MattyCollector.com (on their HOVERBOARD (Part 1) Beyond the Marquee Web-Series episode)


“Fantastic! Just linked on the [MattyCollector.com] site too! Amazing work. Truly. You guys have been great partners and appreciate everything!!”

  Scott Neitlich, Marketing Manager for Mattel Toys’ MattyCollector.com (on their HOVERBOARD (Part 2) Beyond the Marquee Web-Series episode)


“Great job gentlemen – Outstanding coverage, many thanks for such kind words – you are passionate people as well!”

– Jean-Christophe Jeauffre, founder of the Jules Verne Film Festival (on the Beyond the Marquee exclusive report of the 2011 The John Wayne Tribute Event)


“So I found a new website and I think it’s going to be one of my new favorites! While scrolling through my normal dose of Ghostbusters news via Facebook , I came across a link to an article about Billy Bryan, who was the creator and “actor” who played the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters.  I commented on the post with a photo of my Philadelphia Ghostbusters when we met Mr. Bryan at a convention.  Then I clicked the link …   BeyondTheMarquee.com is a great website all about movies and television shows including news, recaps, trailers, clips, video series, shorts, articles, etc.  This article was just one of five they did for their “Ghostbusters Week”.  Each article tells very different stories about various aspects of the film, giving you video, photos, and a behind-the-scenes look and feel like I haven’t experienced.  I now follow Beyond The Marquee on Facebook to see what else they will have in store for me, but for now, I’m gonna enjoy the Ghostbusters content, and I hope you will too…”

– Edward Hartman III, EDFX.com


“With Ghostbusters celebrating its 30th anniversary with a return to theaters and talk of a third film in the franchise heating up again, this seems like the perfect time to share this awesome video from the guys over at Beyond the Marquee celebrating the boys’ favorite ride, the Ecto-1.” 

– Mike Bracken, Movies.com (about Beyond the Marquee’s Web-Series episode with Stephen Dane, creator of the Ectomobile)


“This is one of the best videos I’ve seen in 30 years fandom. Thank you so much for sharing this! If I could spend 15 minutes picking Stephen Dane’s brain I’d die a happy man.”

– Vincent Nordone, Owner of V330 Creations  (about Beyond the Marquee’s Web-Series episode with Stephen Dane, creator of the Ectomobile)


“My school district is wanting to take the Elementary to see ‘The Lorax’ movie on March 2.  Your site was the only one that specifically addressed the language and the PG rating.  Thanks!”

-Dawn Mathis / Valley Springs School


“Thanks for the video it looks great! I was never made to look or sound good on video but you did a great job. The editing is awesome, it looks awesome! Thanks again.”

 – Dave Nimitz, Flintstone’s toy collector and animator (on his Beyond the Marquee Web-Series episode)


“Steve, you really made the Gillen family so happy. It is such an emotional time for us and this article with your  creative insight and  dedication  to Jeffrey  was so touching and unexpected. It just means so much to us.”

– Arlene Gillen of Great Southern Studios (on the article posted about her late husband Jeff who played the Santa Claus in “A Christmas Story”) 


 “Hi Steve!!! Just wanted to Thank you more than words can say for your Wonderful Article!! Loved it!!! A Most Special Tribute to My Dad and Brother!! Thank You Forever.”

– Elana Gillen of Great Southern Studios (on the article posted about her late father Jeff who played the Santa Claus in “A Christmas Story”) 


“Thanks again Steve. Love the article. Hope others do too! It was a great idea asking me to give a bit of back story. Something no other site has asked really. Cheers”

  Paul Shipper / New Zealand Poster Illustrator (on the article posted about his limited-edition “Rocketeer” poster art)


“Beyond the Marquee’s Steve Czarnecki has posted a raving, smegtastic (that means fantastic, for the Red Dwarf uninitiated) review of Matthew J Elliott’s Lost in Time and Space: An Unofficial Guide to the Uncharted Journeys of Doctor Who. Thanks so much, Steve!”

 – Rich Handley / Editor/Co-owner, Hasslein Books – http://www.hassleinbooks.com


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