Billy Crystal, host of the 84th Annual Academy Awards

Over the past few years, the Oscar’s telecast has been the dullest “must-see” television on the air. Nowadays, there are simply too many award shows for exciting upsets, as the winners are pretty much solidified in the month leading up to the Academy Awards. So, the real chutzpah of the show rests on the overburdened shoulders of the host. That said, this year’s telecast was the best in years, and it wasn’t just because of Billy Crystal’s hilarious return. Here are the top 5 moments of the 2012 Oscar telecast:

Status Cymbals of our generation; Will Ferrell and Zach Galifanakis' cymbal routine

#1: The Cymbal…ism

Whoever came up with Will Ferrell and, as he introduced himself, Zach Galifankajfeh’s cymbal routine is a comedic genius. The clanging cymbals brought some laughs to a seemingly bored, or maybe nervous, audience after some awkward moments in the first half of the show (see #2).

The self-identified musicians (sort of) introduced the Best Original Song category and, ready to announce the winner, suddenly realized it may be hard to hold two cymbals and, you know, present. So, Ferrell hilariously shoved the cymbals to the bewildered envelope-holder as he grabbed for the name of the winner.

The awkward exchange seemed intentional, but the women given the cymbals didn’t seem too entertained… or prepared. Much like the actresses in #2.


Angelina Jolie shows some leg at the 84th Annual Academy Awards

#2: Unintentional Humor

And the Best Supporting Actress is… Angelina Jolie’s leg.

While presenting, Jolie strut to center stage only to pop her leg out like a kickstand. By the look of her face, I’d say she was serious (which makes it all the funnier). She then awkwardly presented Best Adapted Screenplay only to be mocked by The Descendants’ Jim Rash, who brilliantly made a kickstand out of his leg too.

Of course, Jolie’s leg flashing wasn’t the only body part in the show. Jennifer Lopez was embracing her inner Janet Jackson as she had a nip-slip of her own. But I guess that’s what happens when you wear a dress that’s more than skintight.






Members of the cast of 'Bridesmaids' Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy drink a toast to Martin Scorsese as they present an award during the 84th Academy Awards.

#3: Weiner Jokes

We just can’t get enough of Bridesmaids, and it would seem neither could the Academy. Melissa McCarthy (nominated for pooping in a sink) had a hilarious introduction with Billy Crystal that replicated a… seductive scene from the movie.

But it was the funny, albeit not-AS-funny-as-I-would-have-hoped, introduction for the shorts that had us all laughing. Kristen Wiig (nominated for writing poop jokes) and Maya Rudolph debated whether bigger was, in fact, better.

Bigger FILMS, of course.

While Wiig argued one could never be too long, Rudolph opted for the loving, short… film.


Merryl contines her winning Streep!!!

#4: Meryl’s Acceptance Speech

Love her or love her, Meryl Streep seemed just as shocked as the rest of us when she won her third Oscar for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. She gave fellow nominee Viola Davis a quick kiss as she walked up to the stage for, what she said, would probably be her last time.

Like any refined woman, she first called out her haters. Then she hilariously shut them down with a blunt whatever and continued on.

Streep was humble and genuine about her win (as usual), and graciously thanked those who helped her along the way. Her speech was the best of the night, although Christopher Plummer’s was amazingly eloquent and emotional as well.


Billy Crystal returns for another Academy Awards show

#5: Billy Crystal

While Billy Crystal may not be a moment, we have to admit he’s the best Oscar’s host since… Billy Crystal.

It may be that Crystal makes the Academy step up its game, or he just happens to host on their strong years, but the telecast was, dare I say, superb. I would’ve liked to see a bit more of Crystal, but he was always on point.

Welcoming us to the “Chapter 11” Theatre, Crystal showed humor can be self-deprecating without being too… Ricky Jervais-like. From the hilarious opening to the witty introductions, Crystal proved he’s still got it.

Seeing as comedy carried the show, we can only hope next year to see comedians return as nominees, rather than just presenters…




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