Beyond the Marquee: The Web-Series *Extended Edition* (Episode 10) – EXCLUSIVE Look at Mattel’s HOVERBOARD Prop-Replicas

Last week we reported on Mattel Toy’s exclusive pre-order offer of a replica prop Hoverboard like those seen in Back to the Future 2 (and 3) on Last Friday, Beyond the Marquee’s AJ Locascio (the voice of “Marty McFly” in the Telltale Back to the Future Video Games) in conjunction with the Official News site for Back to the Future, was invited into the TOP-SECRET Mattel Design Center in Los Angeles. We met with’s Marketing Manager Scott Neitlich, who gave us an Exclusive look into the design and technology going into this high-end collector’s item. Because of the abundance of content and that mere fact that we are all Back to the Future fans here at BTM, we’ve extended the episode a few more minutes to pack in all the details and behind the scenes info!

BTM Reporter AJ Locascio with Matty Collector’s Marketing Manager Scott Neitlich

And if our recent visit to Mattel wasn’t damn cool as it is, we’ve been given an exclusive personal invite to be on hand again in a few days to the Mattel Design Center when a very important player involved with making of the Back to the Future films will be paying the Matty Collector gang a visit.

Check out our prior BTM post with all the details for the pre-ordering of the Back to the Future 2015 Hoverboard from the website;, The pre-order runs right now thru March 20th, so Back to the Future fans, check out the video web-series of our visit to Mattel and  get an in-depth look at what’s in store … don’t be left behind on a chance to own a piece of the future!

Here are some shots we took of the work-in-progress “Looks Like” Hoverboard used to promote the product at the recent New York Toy Fair and an early technical Prototype.

Matty Collector’s “Looks Like” Hoverboard


Matty Collector’s “Looks Like” Hoverboard (bottom)


Matty Collector’s Early Technical Prototype for the Hoverboard



…and while you’re still here, check out these rockin’ versions of the Back to the Future theme we found on YouTube recently…we even incorporated a couple into this week’s episode!




THE ACCORDION COVER (Gotta Love New York Street Performers!)




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12 Responses to “Beyond the Marquee: The Web-Series *Extended Edition* (Episode 10) – EXCLUSIVE Look at Mattel’s HOVERBOARD Prop-Replicas”

  1. John Daniel C. Saqui says:

    Hi! My name is daniel. I believe in hover board and my father don’t believe in it. Please send me one hover board in Bahrain .

  2. SnakeBite says:

    I have four questions
    number 1: if you want to put a handal bar on the hoverboard you would have to make the vibrating system more powerful to suport the presure of a humane, the handal br and the board itself.
    number 2: if you want to make the hoverboard hover then you should watch quantum levitation and start reserching on how to make the hoverboard hover running on that.
    number 3: right now, what surfuses can the hoverboard vibrat on
    number 4: how much (sorry if i spelt this rong)waght can the hoverboard hold.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    They’ve got 1 thing wrong, kids don’t just ride scooters around anymore in the streets. Because 25 years ago they’re weren’t creepy predators

  5. Jason Day says:

    Looks amazing!! So so so disappointed I missed the pre-order

  6. Matthew says:

    They absolutely could make this hover, if even just as a hovercraft. They’re just lazy and cheap.

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