BTM's Host (Jon Donahue), BTTF Creator/Writer (Bob Gale) and BTM's Producer/Founder (Steve Czarnecki) at Mattel's Design Center

Some of the Beyond the Marquee team returned back to the TOP SECRET Mattel Design Center in Southern California today to meet once again with Scott Neitlich the Marketing Manager for and his imaginative design team who are creating replica prop-hoverboards based on the ones seen in 1989’s Back to the Future Part 2 film. Present in today’s meeting were also some very special guests who were equally excited about Mattel’s plans to bring these props to life…in the near future!

After the video of last week’s visit went viral this past Monday, it infectiously spread around the net to many other online Entertainment media outlets, social networking sites and replica prop forums. After only 4 days, the extended episode of 9 and a 1/2 minutes that gave viewers an in-depth behind the scenes explanation of the features of this new toy had registered close to 20,000 hits on the Beyond the Marquee page.

Today, BTM’s host Jon Donahue and Steve Czarnecki, Founder and Creative Producer behind the site, were invited back to Mattel for an Exclusive round-table discussion with Bob Gale the co-writer, producer and creator of the Back to the Future films and Michael Lantieri, the Visual Effects Supervisor who was instrumental in making the Hoverboards fly in 1989.  Mr. Gale brought original Hoverboards from the film to compare with the design team who are attempting to make a screen-accurate version to match that of the film. Gale treated the Mattel team with over 2 hours of Back to the Future stories, trivia, never before seen conceptual art and even read aloud letters submitted from fans in the late 80’s/early 90’s who wished to have a Hoverboard.

Mattel designers compare their Hoverboard replica proto-type to that of actual screen-used props from the Back to the Future films brought in by co-creator Bob Gale

Stay tuned for the 2nd installment of that visit to air on the upcoming 11th episode of the Beyond the Marquee web-series next week…




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