Beyond the Marquee: The Web-Series (Episode 15): THE ART OF TIME-TRAVEL

A reminder for those living in Southern California that this is the last week to check out the iam8bit gallery’s exhibition of “So You Created A Wormhole“. This unique art show is abundant with time-travel inspired creations made up of nearly 40 pieces of unique art, sculptures and installations on display for all to see. Beyond the Marquee’s own AJ Locascio was on hand to cover the opening night of the gallery as well as speak to author’s Phil Hornshaw and Nick Hurwitch who both wrote the book “So You Created A Wormhole“. This official field guide to multi-dimensional journeying across the space-time-continuum inspired the gallery to put on this fun exhibition with artists who clearly have a passion for time-travel.


So You Created A Wormhole

The iam8bit exhibition of “So You Created A Wormhole” runs until Sunday April 29th, be sure to catch it before it’s gone! For more information check out the iam8bit galleries web-site; and head over to to order your own copy of “So You Created A Wormhole”. Check back soon to Beyond the Marquee as we offer some copies up to you, our readers in an upcoming contest, as well as go more in-depth with the co-authors of the book to learn about how some of their favorite time-travel movies & television shows (Back to the Future, The Time Machine, Terminator, Dr.Who, Donnie Darko, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and more) inspired this hilarious and quite helpful guide.



Here are some of our favorite pieces from this event…


Drew Wise: Time Lines


Alex Griendling: My First Time Travel Kit


Mitch Loidolt: Rippin Time


Lisa Hanawalt: Zards_Back_from_the_Future




John Larriva: Peril of Time Travel no.192


Aled Lewis: It Came Out of Nowhere



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3 Responses to “Beyond the Marquee: The Web-Series (Episode 15): THE ART OF TIME-TRAVEL”

  1. […] here in LA. Our super-supportive and ever-cool friends at iam8bit put together the event, mirroring a similar release party-slash-art show for Wormhole that was simply spectacular. If you’re in LA, please, come on down (click into the image for the deets). We’ll sign […]

  2. Jason says:

    Love the “my first time travel kit”. I’m a sucker for bold shapes!

  3. Dave Murray says:

    Aled lewisL it came out of nowhere, Can I buy a print of this??? Please!!!!!!!!

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