Check out the Covers of the 2 New Back to the Future Publications from Hasslein Books

Presenting the Covers to Hasslein Books' Upcoming Back to the Future Publications

It looks like Back to the Future fans are in for a treat this year. In addition to Matty Collector’s replica 2015 Hoverboards coming out later this year, it looks like a pair of unauthorized Back to the Future publicationss from Hasslein Books will be hitting the shelves as well. There’s even a forward in one by our good pal Stephen Clark over at ! Click ahead to read the details. (Thanks to Danny S, a long time Beyond the Marquee fan who sent us this info he dug up over at Hasslein Book’s site)


At long last, here are the covers for Hasslein Books’ upcoming Back to the Future publications, illustrated by Pat Carbajal and designed by Paul C. Giachetti, who together created the wonderful covers and interior artwork for Hasslein’s Planet of the Apes timeline book and lexicon.


The first to be published will be A Matter of Time: The Back to the Future Lexicon, by Rich Handley, which will be unveiled later this year, followed by Greg Mitchell‘s Back in Time: The Back to the Future Chronology. Here are descriptions of both books:


A Matter of Time: The Unauthorized Back to the Future Lexicon

A Matter of Time: The Unauthorized Back to the Future Lexicon

by Rich Handley • Foreword by Stephen Clark (READ MORE)

♦ Consider yourself a Back to the Future fan, butthead? Well, if you’ve only watched the films, you’ve only seen part of the story. A Matter of Time covers every character, place and thing—from the movies, novels, scripts, animated series, video games, card game, amusement-park ride and more. Every McFly, Tannen, Brown and Strickland; each of Doc’s inventions; every aspect of Hill Valley—past, present and future—is covered in this heavy encyclopedia. Not even Grays Sports Almanac is this complete!


Back in Time: The Unauthorized Back to the Future Chronology

Back in Time: The Unauthorized Back to the Future Chronology

by Greg Mitchell • Foreword by Dan Madsen (READ MORE)

♦ Great Scott, the space-time continuum can be a tricky place to navigate! But fear not, time-travelers, for your troubles are over. The next time you hop into your DeLorean, bring along Back in Time: The Unauthorized Chronology to guide you through every galaxy-shattering paradox, as we explore the timeline of Back to the Future—including the movies, cartoons, novels, comics and games. Bring some spare plutonium or a few empty cans for the Mr. Fusion, and prepare to blast to the past!


NOTE: Every Back to the Future book sold will generate a $1 donation for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.


Pat, as everyone who’s ever seen his work knows well, is a phenomenal artist (don’t take our word for it—hightail it over to his blog now and see for yourself), and we can’t possibly say enough about how much we appreciate his efforts—it’s no exaggeration to say that Pat’s art breathes life into Hasslein’s titles. Pat somehow reaches into our heads, sees exactly what it is we’re asking for, and delivers it… only better than what we thought we wanted.


Click here to view a sample interior sketch—just the first of many—that Pat recently turned in for the BTTF lexicon. And be sure to “like” our Facebook page and “follow” our Twitter feed to stay abreast of announcements regarding this and other upcoming Hasslein projects.





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