Does Elijah Wood Walk the Floor of Comic-Con?

Comic-Con (July 12 – 15)

With San Diego’s 2012 Comic-Con kicking off today, you might wonder what celebrities will be seen walking the show floor in-between their appearances in the Exhibit Halls.  Some celebs attend just to do their part for a studio’s Publicity dept. and quickly head home.  However, there are also a good number of celebrity attendees who were fans of Comic-Con before they became famous and like to stick around to check things out.

Like the other attendees, they get excited by the overwhelming amounts of toys, comics, and collectibles on display and will often walk the halls (sometimes with security) or blend in with the hundreds of cosplay characters, completely avoiding recognition.

In a recent Beyond the Marquee interview with the star of The Hobbit and Disney’s TRON:Uprising; Elijah Wood provided some insight when asked if he ever walked the Comic-Con floor as a fan.  Here’s his response:



‘The Hobbit’ actor, Elijah Wood.



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