Beyond the Marquee: The Web-Series (Episode 1): LA GRAPHICO

How often have you gone to see a movie, walked past one of those large in-theater displays for an upcoming film and wondered to yourself, who create these clever things?

In our premiere episode of the web-series portion of Beyond the Marquee, host Jon Donahue takes you behind the scenes to one of the biggest and busiest printing companies in Los Angeles.

Thru the doors of this monstrous warehouse just across from the Burbank Airport, a Motion Picture studio’s creative print┬ámarketing ideas come together and are transformed into dimensional standees, banners, bus shelters, billboards, movie posters and more.

Brandon Gabriel, the VP of Business Operations for La Graphico gives Beyond the Marquee VIP access into their daily operations, you’ll never look at these creative craftsmanships of cardboard the same way again…

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