Posting about Posters!

Hey guys, my name is Dave Williams and I am a graphic designer and part time poster designer from England, UK, welcome to the most awesome new website on the whole of the Internet … Beyond the Marquee!

Amazingly, you have not only stumbled upon the greatest new website on the internet, but you have somehow ended up in possibly the greatest section of the greatest new website on the whole of the Internet, posters!!!

As a poster designer, I have a real passion for movie posters and I’m so pleased that Steve has asked me to contribute to this site on a regular basis. My aim is to share my love of movie posters by sharing some of the latest news from the poster world as well as give you an insight into my own work and the design process that takes place behind the scenes.  I also see this as a great place to spark up some discussion and share our opinions on the wonderful art that is the movie poster.  So, feel free to get involved and don’t hold back!  This area is going to be a great place for us all to share our thoughts and ideas.

Looking forwards to the journey,
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  1. Hey Dave- Cograts on your new gig here. I look forward to your future poster posts!

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