[BTM EXCLUSIVE] Watch the Time-Lapse Video of the Creation of The Dark Knight Rises Billboard!

Tomy Advertising one of the leading design and advertising agencies catering to the movie industry supplied Beyond the Marquee with the Exclsuive HD version of the time-lapse construction of the latest Warner Bros. marketing for The Dark Knight Rises. The billboard appeared in Hollywood last week (on Sunset and LaBrea), emphasizing that this movie goes not just beyond the traditional 2-D marketing but teases in-your-face, the 3-D explosion of fun to come on the big-screen! The outdoor billboard has caused some major traffic back-ups and heralded photo ops as locals and tourists have stopped to gawk at the dimensional debris-surrounded bat-symbol which seems to have blown thru the billboard itself. Not since Disney’s stunt of putting giant graphics of gaping asteroid blown holes on the sides of buildings in Los Angeles for the promotion of 1998’s ARMAGEDDON (see below) has something this cool been attempted outdoors to promote a blockbuster Summer film. The Dark Knight Rises is set to explode out onto the big screen July 20th in theaters everywhere! 


The Dark Knight Rises 2012 Billboard Stunt


Disney's Touchstone Pictures 1998 Armageddon Stunt

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