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“Don’t Tell Mom I’m Selling My Pants!!!” Keith Coogan Puts His Iconic Screen-Used Jeans Up For Sale.

Movie buffs, now’s your chance to own a piece of movie memorabilia from the early 90’s. Long time friend of Beyond the Marquee, actor Keith Coogan, is offering up his single pair of ripped and torn Levi’s blue jeans, yes this is an original costume piece from the 1991 film, “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”. […]

A Survivor’s Guide to Waiting Until the Next HOBBIT Movie…You Can Do It!!!

It’s time to suit up in your Mithril vest and return back to middle Earth with some of your favorite characters. As The Hobbit trilogy has opened with its first of three movies, Lord of The Rings fans, avid readers, gamers, and Peter Jackson lovers are counting the days until the second movie is released. Jackson’s […]

Miss the Academy Awards? Here’s Who Won…

This years Academy Awards were a real treat to watch, not just from the vibe and feel of music and folly that host Seth McFarlane delivered, but just the entire energy given off by everyone in the audience and those who graced the stage for the 85th Annual event. Of course when you have prior […]


Fue un programa verdaderamente revolucionario en su tiempo y tal vez por eso, no llegó a pasarse en toda América Latina sino sólo en algunos países, bajo el sugerente título de “Sombras tenebrosas”. Pero donde se vio, al igual que en Estados Unidos, generó furor, demostrando que el público estaba interesado en ver cosas que […]

A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS: delirios navideños.

  En 2004, Hollywood nos trajo una comedia con una premisa tan sencilla como absurda (pero no por ello menos efectiva): la historia de dos marihuaneros en busca de la hamburguesa perfecta, y su periplo hasta finalmente dar con ella, en Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. Esta sencilla idea no sólo fue un […]


  We know what you’re thinking, “What the heck is a Marquee’ologist!?!?” Well, don’t go running to look up Mar·quee·ol·o·gist [Mahr-kee-ol-uh-jist] in Webster’s Dictionary …  it’s just what our team calls themselves here at Beyond the Marquee. All of us here at this Entertainment Website are a diverse group of committed individuals full of passion, personality […]

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