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ON MY WAY poster

“On My Way” A Charming French Film (Foreign Film Review)

  A cute little French comedy starring Oscar nominee Catherine Deneuve has made its way to theaters.  It’s called On My Way and the quirky French film features an unexpected road trip with a captivating storyline.  Well acted and produced, the film is an endearing look at a smidgen of France’s rustic countryside and a […]


THE RUM DIARY, a Tipsy Twister

A testy screenplay that turns conventional upside down becomes an enjoyable madcap adventure with Johnny Depp’s ‘intoxicating’ performance.  The daring filmmaking that takes a chance with the outlandish Hunter S. Thompson book, The Rum Diary, comes up a winner.  Not a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but a very good companion piece.

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