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“THE WATER DIVINER” (Film Review & Trailer)

  Taking on his first feature film as both director and actor Russell Crowe blasts onto the screen with The Water Diviner, a compelling and romantic movie with a good measure of action. Perfect for a date and a movie with both partners being entertained right til the credits roll. It’s Crowe in his best dramatic role […]

MY OLD poster

“My Old Lady” a Poignant Love Story (Film Review)

  Writer and actor Israel Horovitz adds a second film to his directorial credits with My Old Lady. Originally written and produced for the stage, he has released the work as a film with brilliant cinematography and freedom to use a wider variety of settings. The movie stars Dame Maggie Smith, Kevin Kline and Kristin […]

IF I STAY poster

“IF I STAY” a Matter of Choice (Film Review)

Directly targeted at teens and softhearted female romantics, for them the film If I Stay hits the sweet spot.  The screenplay taken from a young adult novel by Gayle Forman gets a sugar coating, works some magic and provides a vision most likely to be enamored by teen girls that are significantly worldly and have […]

WHAT IF poster

“What If” Romance with a Twist (Film Review)

Light and fun, the movie What If  opens in theaters as a whimsical tale of romance with comedy.  The theme has been used many times over the years, but this fresh new look at Daniel Radcliffe with Zoe Kazan is a reason to see the plot once more. Its Harry Potter meets Ruby Sparks and the chemistry […]

CHINESE poster

Fitting the Pieces Together “Chinese Puzzle” (Film Review)

  A creative romantic comedy with a nicely complicated story Chinese Puzzle turns up the heat this weekend.  Connecting the two most romantic cities in the world, Paris and New York, the film lays out a story that’s fun and filled with chaos of the heart.  If you are a moviegoer that craves a good […]

Love-Punch POSTER

“The Love Punch” Romancing the Stone (Film Review)

  A very odd romance spools out in the movie The Love Punch.  Not very conceivable, the cast finds themselves trying to save millions in a James Bond like caper that has shades of early jaunts by the star of this film Pierce Brosnan. While it’s not really that over the top, chances are you’ll […]

Other Woman POSTER 2

“The Other Woman” Revenge is Sweet (Film Review)

  Wacky and often romantic and even sometimes sensual The Other Woman takes center stage this weekend to see if there’s enough girl power to claim the box-office.  The movie starts out intimately and then moves on to a farcical comedy insuring a lot of girl talk well after the final credits. While most men […]

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