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“EX MACHINA” (Film Review & Trailer)

  The stylish and compelling fantasy Ex Machina takes its audience into the labs of a world powerhouse specializing in artificial intelligence. It’s a tantalizing sci-fi drama that works magic with skillful CGI, convincing acting, dark and brooding music, and an imaginative winning script. If you are truly a science fiction fan, than this is one film you must see […]

MAZE RUN Poster 2

“The Maze Runner” an Action Sci-fi Chiller (Film Review)

  Dredging up some excitement for September the film The Maze Runner opens in theaters for its teen and young adult audiences comprised mostly of males. Based on a series of novels by James Dashner the science fiction actioner takes its target audience on a fast paced challenging mystery filled with action sequences that excite.  […]

Gravity poster

Gravity, Excitement in the Void of Space (Film Review)

  Breathtaking, mesmerizing and thrilling the movie Gravity explodes on the screen generating a feast of cinematic brilliance.  In 3D IMAX the film will have you floating in space then spinning out of control while you are gasping for air as you try clinging to anything solid, followed by the taste fear of being alone. […]

Elysium POSTER

“Elysium” Action Packed Sci-Fi Thriller (Film Review)

  With an amazing space station circling the globe  outer space takes on a new look in the exciting sci-fi adventure Elysium now in theaters.  Well acted, directed, designed and filmed the movie gets right into the meat of the story and puts viewers in the middle of the action.  Fast paced and exciting Elysium […]

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