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X-MEN poster 1

“X-Men” A Major Rollercoaster Ride (Film Review)

  Exciting and action packed, X-Men: Days of Future Past takes center stage for a weekend box office blow-out.  The monstrous blockbuster should take Marvel Comic fans by storm with a relentless rollercoaster ride into yester-years and back to the future using most every mutant in the graphic novels. The CGI factor is at a […]

Under skin POSTER 1

“Under the Skin” A Provocative Chiller (Film Review)

  Dark, brooding, wicked, seductive, mesmerizing and more, Under the Skin is a vision of disturbing eroticism and mystery.  Featuring an absorbing performance by Scarlett Johansson in a complex role with many empty pages of dialogue, the film shamelessly burros into the viewers mind.  Slowly letting out clues, director Jonathan Glazer leads his audience on […]

ROBO poster

“Robocop” All Action and Thrills (Film Review)

  Although quite predictable, Robocop does entertain.  Targeted to the tweens, teens and twenties the movie gets right into the action from the beginning, lags somewhat in the middle then ends with a loud crescendo. My fellow critics may disagree with my assessment, but I did like the film very much. It reminds me of […]

The Kaiju attack Sydney Australia

Pacific Rim, It’s Monsters vs. Robots (Film Review)

  Pump yourself up for this one because Pacific Rim takes action to new heights with a noisy display of explosive combat.  The battle scenes rise to shock and awe much like you’ve seen in films like Battleship and Transformers, but that’s the point of going to see this genre of film now isn’t it.  […]

END poster

This is the End, an Apocalyptic Comedy (Film Review)

  In a smart move by Seth Rogen for his fans things start getting Looney bins in his new film This Is The End, an apocalyptic film that features most all his old pals and then some.  The movie isn’t more than a goof on the end of the world, but it scorches when it […]


After Earth, a Sci-Fi Thriller for Teens (Film Review)

  Taking a chance on another science fiction thriller M. Night Shyamalan probes disaster with After Earth.  The trick here is can he rise above his box-office misses like The Last Airbender and Lady in the Water. His The Sixth Sense has never been equaled and for that he still has a following.  Here, Shyamalan […]

Tony Stark in his new Iron Man suit with other

Iron Man 3, A Blast in 3D (Film Review)

  Probably the most powerful film for action addicts this year Iron Man 3 blazes the screen in 3D.  Robert Downey Jr. outdoes his last outing of the major action hero with his strong presence and tongue in cheek wit.  Whether you are a fan of Marvel or just looking for a great adventure film, […]

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