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KINGSMAN box art


  Move over James Bond, there’s a new game in town and they have as many gadgets and toys. Kingsman: The Secret Service is very cool and aptly fills the void for a sci-fi adventure comedy left by Guardians of the Galaxy. The main characters in Kingsman are smart, fascinating, and often time violent, getting […]

SKYFALL poster

Skyfall, 007 at His Best (Film Review)

One of the best James Bond pictures ever made, Skyfall makes its way into theaters this weekend for what I believe will be a box-office blowout.  The action packed thriller starts with a bang and doesn’t disappoint in the finale.  For all you 007 addicts it’s time to check it out on the 50th anniversary […]


MIssing, a Spy Thriller (Video Review)

Packed with a lot of action, twists and drama the first season of ABC’s “Missing” has been released on DVD.  The high-tension complete first season can now be seen without interruption, the whole 430 minutes on the three DVD’s.  If you like good acting, direction and an intriguing plot Missing would be a good choice […]

Double BOx art

THE DOUBLE, A Brain Teaser on Blu-ray

  Although a little lingering at times, The Double, now on Blu-ray/DVD still entertains.  The CIA spy thriller plays a game of cat and mouse that’s sure to please those that like good brain stimulation. Well acted by Richard Gere and Topher Grace it’s also a sweet treat for the ladies.

LARGE tinker


  The British movie Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is not for everyone.  It’s a mind-numbing film for audiences that crave an involving storyline, can deal with British accents and are into the underpinning of espionage that fueled The Cold War in the 1970’s.  I am not a big fan of films like this one, but […]

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