Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 (Blu-ray Review)

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 Blu-ray Combo!

My kids have entered this phase where it seems they are obsessed with movies about talking animals, I have sat thru countless hours of Homeward Bound, MIlo and Otis, every Air, Space and Treasure Buddy movie known to man, and of course the Beverly Hills Chihuahua movies. When the 3rd installment of the BHC film arrived in the mail the other afternoon my girls let out a squeal of delight and of course the rest of the night, from dinner to baths all that was asked was “when can we watch it daddy?” Well Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta! is out on Blu-ray and DVD next week (Sept 18th) and we’ve got the advance review right here for you and your family. Click ahead and check out the review of the film as well as the features. 




So here’s what this one is all about…Papi and his family move into a posh Beverly Hills hotel when Chloe is chosen to be the face of the dog-friendly marketing campaign for the establishment. Upon moving in, Papi is a bit taken back when all his street-wise lessons he’s been sharing with the pups are taken away and handed off to a a human and dog duo at the hotel who have a doggy day care and lesson plans of their own for schooling it’s four-legged residents. If that wasn’t enough drama, Papi’s youngest, Rosa, is having some insecurity and confidence issues and it’s up to her dad to help restore her faith and celebrate her inner strength. Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, there looms a suspicion from Papi of a possible romance between Chloe and Oscar the pool boy…um dog! Papi has his paws full in this film, that’s for certain. Sam and Rachel the human stars of this movie have their own drama as they both attempt to find their place at the new hotel with management who fail to see them for their true potential. Lots of laughs and just some amazing choreography with these animals that will give you a whole new appreciation for dog trainers. My kids just loved this and could not stop laughing and commenting during the film about how cute the pups were, I think we’ve watched this about 17 times in the past few days, between the house and the DVD copy in the car!




One thing Disney’s perfected over the years are the direct to video sequels. Now granted, even though the story-lines aren’t as strong as the originals, the visual quality has definitely increased.  In Chihuahua 3, the image is as clean and sharp as you could hope for and on Blu-ray it really shines. The finest details of the fur on the dogs to the pristine mansions of Beverly Hills homes are evident. Colors are as vibrant as the film’s energy and characters. No disappointments here!



With it’s 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio the sound is beautiful!  Clean crisp and clean, from every subtle dog pant, fur shake, collar jingle and paws against various surfaces are heard, not to mention all the great exaggerated sound effects accompanying the mishaps and fun of the Chihuahua pup (from mud splashing to dishes breaking). Some nice separation and ambient backgrounds which fully immerse you in the numerous environments the dogs end up in.



    • Hangin’ with Papi – This will give you a greater appreciation of not only the scope of the production behind such a film, but the level of fun these actors who work along side these very talented animals are having. Papi takes you on a day in the life tour of the set and shooting of Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 in this segment. Whats really fun are the humans who praise Papi and the other animal actors on a level much higher than you’d expect in the chains of Hollywood thespians. A real tongue in cheek segment, well worth watching.
    • All-New Music Video: Disney Channel star Raini Rodriguez sings – a bright and colorful music video in both English and Spanish. You can tell Raini was having a blast in this and that energy only makes the song and message all the more exciting to watch.


The technology just seems to get better and better where you question how much of the talking dogs have peanut butter on the roofs of their mouth and what’s CGI now? It was greatly appreciated that George Lopez, Odette Annable and the most of the supporting cast from the 2nd film stayed on for the 3rd. You can’t go wrong with these films, they are full of outrageous fun, kid friendly mishaps and always a less on about confidence, honesty and the importance of friends and family. Great values that you’d expect from a Disney movie, and one series that has continued to produce sequels that seem as solid as the original theatrical version. If your family likes talking animals and pets as much as mine, then I say this is a must have for your home video collection.


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