The Shark Is Still Working: The Impact & Legacy of JAWS – Original Soundtrack Review

Musical scores for documentaries about films can sometimes feel like a second cousin to the iconic themes we know and love. Composers struggle to replicate the original score while changing a few notes to thwart of litigation. This is not the case with The Shark Is Still Working. Composer Michael McCormack has crafted a musical soundtrack that not only underscores the visuals and supports the story, but has also created a rich recording that can be enjoyed on it’s own. It is a perfect companion to the Shark Is Still Working, which is in itself a tribute to the legacy and impact of one of the most iconic films ever made.

Without falling victim to creating a sound-alike of knock off of the original JAWS music, Michael chose instead to try and compose a completely new musical score that would pay homage to the work of John Williams. He has succeeded. The music for the documentary takes you on a journey with the filmmakers, and knows exactly when to emphasize the emotion or loosen up and have some fun, underscoring the lighthearted craziness that was prevalent on the production.

The disc is 38 tracks, featuring a truly diverse musical journey.

The “Main Theme” sets the perfect tone for the documentary, both ominous and driving like the young Spielberg himself.

The music for “The Indianapolis Story” is absolutely haunting, slipping into true horror mode and creating the perfect tension, as the documentary examines the harrowing story behind one of the film’s most memorable and harrowing scenes.

“Fans of the Fin” is a fun, bouncy composition with lively percussion.

The “Legacy” shifts the music into nostalgia echoing the sentiments of those who were most affected by the film. The score swings into a perfect blend of emotional resonance and melancholy.

Ending the CD are two vocal tracks including Michael’s version of “Show Me The Way To Go Home”. The song perfectly encapsulates the legendary status of the film while showcasing Michael’s vocals.

Just like the film, the music really establishes the trials and tribulations for the production difficulties.

The soundtrack is available at:
Amazon, and CDBaby.

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