Can ‘ya Guess It?


Our fifth Location, Location, Location?  entry is a desert oasis you wouldn’t want to stop off at if you’re having trouble on the road.



There are three things that matter in filmmaking and television:

Location, Location, Location.

As part of a fun series here on Beyond the Marquee, I will be choosing random filming locations from some famous (and not so famous) film and television productions throughout the years. They will be posted here for our viewers to take a guess as to what movie or TV show the location was used.

The location as it looks NOW will be posted on Monday and on Wednesday, I will post the answer and THEN picture identifying the location as it was seen on the large or small screen. Some entries may be very easy to guess, others may be difficult and sometimes I may give a clue that will help point you in the right direction.

Feel free to state your guess in the comments section below!  Occasionally, we might even offer a prize to the first person who guesses correctly!


Guess Below!

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One Response to “LOCATION, LOCATION, Location? #5”

  1. jrs87 says:

    was it in the movie TREMORS?

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