Play Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph’s Fix-It Felix Jr and other Games from the New Animated Film!

Play Wreck-It Ralph Today!

This week, Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph hits theaters, and in the movie, the plot takes place within the realm of 3 arcade video games; Fix-It Felix Jr., in which the game’s eponymous hero fixes a building that Ralph destroys, Hero’s Duty, a light-gun shooter game  that has you battling against “Cy-Bugs” (the game’s alien invaders) and Sugar Rush, a kart racing game set on tracks made of candies, cookies and other sweets.

Now the good folks at Disney Online have got all 3 fully playable browser-based versions of the games available to play on the official Wreck-It Ralph movie web-site. And once you see the movie, you’ll most certainly want to come back and revisit the site to play them again. In the meantime, click ahead and save your quarters, these games are set to FREE PLAY, courtesy of the Mouse House!




In addition to the browser-based Flash-based version of the Fix-It Felix Jr. game, Disney announced a tie-in game based on the film to be released on the WiiNintendo 3DS, and Nintendo DS. The arcade style side-scrolling game will be produced in collaboration between Disney Interactive and Activision and will serve as a “story extension” to the film. Players may play as Wreck-It Ralph or Fix-It Felix, causing damage as well as repairing where necessary. Game levels will be based on the locations in the film, like the Fix-It Felix Jr.Hero’s Duty and Sugar Rush games. It will be released in conjunction with the film’s release, in November 2012. It was also announced that Ralph will be playable in Sega‘s upcoming game Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed as a guest character.


Fix-It Felix Jr

Sugar Rush

Hero’s Duty



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