OBLIVION poster is Oblivious to the Recent Poster Trend…

Oblivion One Sheet Teaser

I’ve had it. I mean…c’mon, someone needs to say something. What is this continuuing standard now of having your main actor with his back to the audience, looking at some epic scoped action or location in the distance!?!? Well the latest teaser for Oblivion, the sc-fi film starring Tom Cruise and directed by Joseph Kosinski is the latest in this lack-luster trend. This looks quite familiar to the Star Trek Into Darkness poster last week debut with the similar layout of and comparrisons to Expendables 2. Now I’m not knocking the film, I’ve heard great things about the epic scope, action and feel of this movie, but as far as the teaser poster, it’s lazy, tired and unimaginative. Other than large cities or landscapes in the distance this style doesn’t paint much of a picture of the movie for you. Take a look and let us know what you think. Click ahead to see the pattern of other back turned subject’ish one-sheets of the past…




The back to the camera trend is nothing new, dozens of movie posters have done it over the years, I’ve selected a handful to back up my rants…


Star Trek Into Darkness


Spider-Man 2

Kick Ass


The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

O Brother Where Art Thou


Cowboys and Aliens


Lets see how long this trend continues…



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