Sneak Peek at Doctor Who’s New TARDIS Interior!

New TARDIS Control Room – Sneak Peek

With Christmas just a couple weeks upon us, the anticipation builds for the new Doctor Who Christmas episode “The Snowmen”. We know the Doctor gains a new companion in this episode, but now we’ve learned (and gotten a sneak peek thanks to the BBC) of a new TARDIS interior as well. Now the control room of the TARDIS has been changing for decades, it seems that with each Doctor’s incarnation his ship gets a new facelift in more the one way. Usually changed to reflect the mood of the current Doctor, much like a computer desktop screensaver, the TARDIS interior can be changed with a flick of a switch. Though at times we’ve only seen slight differences in color and texture, in the more recent seasons the changes have been quite extreme. While we’ll leave trans-dimensional engineering to the Time Lords for why the interior is larger than the exterior, we do like the idea of keeping the show looking fresh. One thing is for sure, with this new set the toy manufacturer’s now have a reason to make a brand new Doctor Who Adventure Play-set for their action figures. Ebay, here I come again. What we’ve seen here (above) looks cool thus far, I can only imagine how impressive the entire thing will be come Christmas day. Click ahead to see some of the TARDIS interior’s of the past Doctors and drop us a line in the comments below and let us know which one you like the best.


The Most Recent Control Room of the Eleventh Doctor; Matt Smith


David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor’s Control Room


The Tardis of the Ninth Doctor; Christopher Eccleston


The Control Room from the 1996 made for TV Movie


The Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy’s Control Room


Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor’s Control Room


Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor’s Tardis Control Room


The Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee’s Control Room on board the Tardis


The TARDIS control room, as used by the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton


The original TARDIS control room, as used by William Hartnell’s Doctor







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