BTM UNCUT: Director ROBERT ZEMECKIS on the Mattel Hoverboard Prop Replicas

At the recent 25th Anniversary reunion event in Beverly Hills to celebrate the Blu-ray release of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Beyond the Marquee had the opportunity to chat with cast, crew and special guests attending that night’s festivities. Director Robert Zemeckis was on hand as well and just a few feet away was his co-collaborator on the Back to the Future films, Bob Gale. Seeing the duo who created the Back to the Future trilogy prompted us to ask Mr. Zemeckis what he thought about our Exclusive reports and the mixed reviews from fans surrounding Matty Collector’s recent Hoverboard prop replica.  We have been honored to share Mr. Gale’s thoughts in the past on our site and we are glad to hear what Mr. Zemeckis had to say as well.

24 years ago, on a behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of Back to the Future Part II, Robert Zemeckis caused a furor among kids and adults alike when he, with tongue firmly in cheek, told interviewers that Hoverboards were real and that the production managed to get their hands on some.  As a result, Mattel was swamped with letters from people wanting to know where they could get their own Hoverboard.  It’s great to see in this brief interview that Mr. Zemeckis hasn’t lost his sense of humor or ability to generate more rumors.

Though the clip of Robert Zemeckis was too long to include in our final web-series segment, we wanted to share it with you here and now. Enjoy.


Director Robert Zemeckis

Director Robert Zemeckis


Bob Gale’s comments about the Mattel Hoverboard replicas can be viewed at the following links:

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…and if you missed our original Matty Collector Hoverboard segments, check them out here:





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