Artist Paul Shipper to Work with BTM on an Exclusive New ‘Cloud Atlas’ Poster Illustration!


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It seems to be a common trend nowadays for movie studios to abandon the tried and true techniques of hand-drawn poster ‘art’ to adopt more photographic-based designs put together using graphic design computer software. Avid poster collectors can quickly tell you that almost all movie posters up to and well into the 80’s were illustrated by hand. Images that used to really stir the imaginations of moviegoers even before they saw the movie have now turned more toward big close-ups of actor’s faces, quirky graphic designs, fonts and an overall loss of bang for the buck in terms of beauty.  We’re not saying that today’s poster designs are all that bad – some are still downright impressive – but a case can be made that there’s definitely a diminishing of heart and character in modern-day movie posters that was not missing in the painted posters of old.

For New Zealand illustrator, Paul Shipper, the hand-drawn poster techniques of old have been given new life and as a result, he is getting a lot of attention. Already building a clientele list comprised of some of the biggest A-list names you can think of in Hollywood, Shipper is establishing a name for himself as the new go-to guy for amazing painted movie posters and film art. There’s one twist, however, that Shipper enjoys surprising some of his clients with … most of his hand-drawn “paintings” are completely drawn and painted as digital illustrations on a computer!

That’s the level of quality and skill Shipper is shipping to the Entertainment, Advertising and Publishing industries of the world where he specializes in both traditional and digitally illustrated works of art.  If you’re a fan of film posters of the past, a simple browse through Paul Shipper’s website seems like a throwback to the gorgeous creations of motion picture art in the styles of Drew Struzan, John Alvin and Reynold Brown.

Recently, during a Skype interview between Beyond the Marquee and Paul Shipper, a new partnership was formed. In Paul’s words, which he recently posted on his blog, he provides the scoop:


“I’m very pleased to announce that I have been asked to create an illustrated ‘Cloud Atlas’ poster!

Just finished a wonderful Skype video meeting with Jon Donahue from ‘‘ where we talked about working on an illustration for this ground-breaking film.

I have to say I’m very excited as it is an absolutely amazing film that they made, and I’m looking forward to the challenge of representing this incredible piece of cinema into a piece of film poster art … An illustrated poster with the aesthetics that will hopefully make you want to see the film all over again.  Or, if you missed it, will make you want to see it for the first time!

Who knows where this will go.  At the moment it’s a personal project of ours – Jon worked on the film with Tom Hanks and between the cast and crew, they all had an incredible time making this film and this is a chance to celebrate it the way we know how… in the form of a new illustrated posterLooking forward to the ride!”   – Paul Shipper


Well there you go. Paul is finishing up a couple other pieces at the moment, but Beyond the Marquee will provide updates on the progress of the Cloud Atlas poster once that process begins.  We’re honored to reveal the poster exclusively for the first time on Beyond the Marquee and look forward to working with Paul until the big day of the reveal.  Keep your atlas bookmarked to BTM until then!


PS Showcase Image Mar 2013_1800

A collage of some of Shipper’s impressive illustrated film art designs.



Paul Shipper's poster for J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek"

Paul Shipper’s amazing computer-illustrated poster for J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek”



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  2. J. P. says:

    Once completed, will the poster be available for purchase? I’ve been looking for a good alternative Cloud Atlas poster since the release of the film and looking at Shipper’s work I KNOW this one will be the one I want. I’ll be devastated if I can’t buy it. Please say it will be available to purchase!!!

  3. […] going to be working soon with popular New Zealand illustrator Paul Shipper on a newly envisioned fan poster for Cloud Atlas and we’re excited to share those updates with you soon. In the meantime, Paul has been busy […]

  4. Ray Juicewater says:

    Wow, this guy is amazing! LOVE CLOUD ATLAS, too!!!

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