Actor Joe Mantegna Gives “The Wrap Party” a Call…

Actor Joe Montegna

Actor Joe Mantegna

This past Saturday night, it was time for another edition of the Internet Radio show “The Wrap Party” (sponsored by Beyond the Marquee) This week, host Jon Donahue and fellow partyers: Peter Miller, Allison Diamond & Robert (“HOLES”) Armour, welcomed a call from stage and screen veteran actor Joe Mantegna!

There was no shortage of topics as they covered everything from The Three Amigos!, ‘Fat Tony’, “Criminal Minds”, Three Amigos 2!, ‘El Guapo’, Uncle Willy, Xanadu, John Landis, Bugsy, Peter Falk, sleazy carpenters, & more! So grab a Diet Tab, sit back, and enjoy a fun-filled hour of THE WRAP PARTY!

Click ahead to listen to the show.



The WRAP Party

The WRAP Party


The Wrap Party Gang

The Wrap Party Gang en route to the Skidrow Studios for this past weekend’s big show!


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