Beyond the Marquee: The Web Series (Episode 50) – MARVEL vs. DC / On Location at Comic-Con 2013

WOW, it’s our 50th Beyond the Marquee web-series episode!!! And what better way to celebrate a Super accomplishment than with a Superhero themed episode! In this segment we spotlight a battle as old as time itself…ok, well it’s one that’s been raging for a number of decades at least.  It has been talked about over campfires, water-coolers, dinner tables and countless online chat-rooms.  The argument in question? … MARVEL or DC – who’s better?

The two comic book companies have created countless universes of heroes and villains which, in turn, have lead to an expansive array of marketing which includes Toys, Movies, Video Games, TV shows, Theme Park attractions and more. Whether you’re a fan of Marvel’s iconic Spider-man or root for DC’s much-revered Superman, there always seems to be some comic book aficionado who will tirelessly defend one comic book company over the other. Like McDonalds and Burger King or Coke and Pepsi, the rivalry between Marvel and DC and their legion of superheroes is one competition that may never have an ultimate victor taking the top spot. That being said, it did not stop our own catty correspondents, Leslie Crystal and Lindsay Stanley, from doing a little on-the-spot investigating during this year’s 2013 Comic Con International in San Diego. They asked the tough question to fans on the floor to find out which of the two comic powerhouses, DC or Marvel, leads the charge .

Click ahead to watch the fun and keep an eye out for the comic book creator who brought Leslie’s cosplay character to life!


Check this out, Leslie’s uncut interview with Marvel writer and “Black Cat” creator, Marv Wolfman. Marvin Arthur “Marv” Wolfman is an American comic book writer. He also created characters such as the vampire-slayer “Blade”, “Bullseye” in the Daredevil comics, The New Teen Titans and more.


Special “Thank You” to legendary Cinematographer Michael Hofstein for guest Directing/Shooting our Super 50th Episode! A veteran of the Los Angeles film and television industry, Michael Hofstein is a noted Director of Photography and a DGA Director who has worked in the Hollywood studios and as an independent filmmaker internationally for more than 30 years. He is part of a generation of filmmakers that began in the motion picture studios as production assistants and developed into directors, cinematographers, and producers.  In Los Angeles, he worked both in television and features – from Paramount’s “Mork and Mindy” and Fox’s “The Fall Guy” to Francis Coppola’s “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.”  While at Paramount Studios, Mr. Hofstein was the first to develop a large format, rear lit green screen for use with large area visual effects photography during the production of John Badham’s Drop Zone.  He also designed and holds the initial patent on the basic motion control system used on many of today’s motion pictures.


BTM Comic Con Correspondents Leslie Crystal and Lindsay Stanley

BTM Comic-Con correspondents Leslie Crystal and Lindsay Stanley get Catty…


Comic-Con 2013 Heroes vs Villains (photo credit: GavinBond)

Comic-Con 2013 Heroes vs Villains (photo credit: GavinBond)



MARVEL or DC – who do YOU think is better? Leave your comments below!



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