“Blood Money” – BREAKING BAD, Season 5 Ep.9 (TV Review)

Breaking Bad 'Blood Money'

Breaking Bad ‘Blood Money’

In case you missed last night’s season premiere, here’s a recap for Aug 11, 2013’s Breaking Bad, Season 5 Episode 9 – “Blood Money”. Walt may have left the business but he’s still the one who knocks! We’ve waited almost a year for this moment, and it’s finally here.  Now the countdown begins to the final episode EVER, with only 7 more to go.  Click ahead for my recap and review.


In true Breaking Bad fashion, the episode starts out in the future, Walt with a full head of hair and beard.  The house is abandoned and graffiti spells out “Heisenburg” on the living room wall.  He breaks into his house to retrieve the hidden ricen behind the electric plate, and when the neighbour sees him she drops her groceries – and we go black, skip to the present. The present takes up, right where we left off with Hank on the toilet with the Walt Whitman book, seeming to be in a state of shock, he says he’s not feeling well and needs to leave.  On the way home he has a panic attack and ends up in the emergency room.  He takes the week off, but has all the Heisenburg files delivered to his house.

Breaking Bad 5x09 Promo 'Blood money'

Breaking Bad 5×09 Promo ‘Blood money’

Jessie is on another planet, depressed and trying to dispose of his 5 million by giving half to Mike’s granddaughter and the family of the boy in the desert.  He knows Mike is dead, and seems to be on the brink of a complete meltdown.  He drops his money off at Saul’s but Walt quickly intercepts that one and delivers it right back.  Walt insists that Mike is fine and he explains he’s been out of the business for 5 months.  Jessie ends up throwing his money in the night like delivering newspapers in the wrong side of town.  My heart is hurting for all his pain.  He is completely broken staring off into space.

When Walt figures out his book is missing ,and finds a GPS tracker on his car, he knows Hank is on to him.  Walt hears he’s been out of work all week, he pays him a visit.  Hank punches him and confronts him about being Heisenburg.  Walt admits that his cancer is back, and that he only has a few months to live and that he would never see the inside of a jail.  Hank tells him he doesn’t even know who he is anymore, Walt then delivers the best and last line of the episode, “If you don’t know who I am, then I recommend you tread lightly.” OOOOh SNAP!  And Hank is shaking in his cop boots!

More please, I can’t wait to see how this puzzle all fits together, how the house ends up like that, and more importantly how much time has actually passed.  This feels like a great start to the final 8 episodes.  All good things have to end, and it looks like Vince Gilligan is not going to disappoint the fans.

See you next week, for Season, 5’s Episode 10 review!



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