Video – STAR WARS: REBELS Full WonderCon 2014 Panel + Cosplay

WonderCon 2014 - Stormtrooper and R2-D2 copy

STAR WARS Stormtrooper cosplay and remote controlled R2-D2 at WonderCon.


The Force was strong with WonderCon — sister convention of Comic-Con — when it came out of hyperspace and landed at the Anaheim Convention Center April 18 – 20. An armada of STAR WARS cosplayers attended from all sectors of the galaxy — and convention goers got to further delve into the STAR WARS universe via a panel for the upcoming STAR WARS: REBELS animated series. Here is video of that entire panel — as well as some pictures of the STAR WARS cosplay.

STAR WARS: REBELS premieres in the fall as a one-hour special on the Disney Channel, then debuts as a series on Disney XD worldwide. Set between the movies EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH and EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE — the animated series will show the rise of the Empire, and the beginnings of the Rebels resistance.

Dave Filoni (executive producer), Kilian Plunkett (art director), Vanessa Marshall (voice of Hera), and Kevin Kiner (composer) discussed the series concept art, story, and musical theme — which made its debut at WonderCon, and can be heard at the 32:50 mark of the video — in addition, a new clip from the series of Hera fending off TIE Fighters appears at the 11:30 mark.

Towards the end of the panel, Filoni mentioned that he loves the costume community, and invited up some cosplayers he encountered on the convention’s floor that were already decked out as characters from the STAR WARS: REBELS animated series.

STAR WARS REBELS WONDERCON 2014 Cosplayers with Director Dave Filoni facebook

STAR WARS: REBELS cosplayers that Dave Filoni encountered at WonderCon, then invited up on stage during the panel for the upcoming series.

Tusken Raider with California Screamin at Disneyland Collage - WonderCon 2014 copy

STAR WARS Tusken Raider cosplay atop the Anaheim Convention Center during WonderCon — with the California Screamin’ roller coaster from Disney’s California Adventure Park in the background. Then on ground level, in front of the entrance to the convention center.

The Empire Cosplay - STAR WARS - WonderCon 2014 copy

“The Empire Strikes Back” at WonderCon: STAR WARS villain cosplayers being photographed by several convention goers in front of the Anaheim Convention Center.

– Jay West

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