[VIDEO] CONGRATULATIONS to Lindalee Rose on her Doctor Who Review T’WHO Year Anniversary (Plus Lindalee Reviews “INTO THE DALEK”)

It was Labor Day weekend 2012 and on September 3rd, Lindalee’s 1st Doctor Who Review made it’s debut on Beyond the Marquee and soon after into the 2 hearts of Whovians around the world. Just 4 1/2 years old at the time, the young Doctor Who’s fan review of “Asylum of the Daleks” with Matt Smith was a fluke incident destined to happen.

Having traveled between New York, London and Los Angeles, the world’s youngest Doctor Who reviewer (complete with her own set and custom built TARDIS) has interviewed 7 of the 12 original actors who have played the famous time-lord, and also chatted it up with over a 1/2 dozen companions of the hit BBC television show as well.

Today being two years to the day of her first post, we’re proud to share Lindalee’s latest review of Season 8’s newest episode “INTO THE DALEK“. What happens when the Doctor and Clara find themselves miniaturized inside of a supposedly good Dalek? Is a good Dalek even possible? It’s an amazing episode unlike you’ve ever seen! (Fun fact: In Lindalee’s 1st Doctor Who review the character of Clara had been converted from a human into a Dalek, in this episode Clara gets miniaturized as a human into a Dalek. How coincidentally fitting for a 2 year anniversary review episode!)

CLICK HERE to check out Lindalee’s original Doctor Who Review episode and read ahead to follow her adventures thru time and space over the past 2 years. Congrats Lindalee!


Lindalee on the set of her new Doctor Who Review series on the Studio 23 Soundstage.

Lindalee on the set of her new Doctor Who Review series on the Studio 23 Soundstage.


The origins of Lindalee’s Doctor Who Reviews.

Steven Moffat's Twitter Page

Steven Moffat’s Twitter Page

It was Labor Day weekend 2012 and an unexpected occurrence happened, a father who shared watching BBCs Doctor Who, one of his favorite sci-fi TV programs with his young daughter, recorded her talking about the most recent episode they’d just viewed together. What happened next, no one could have predicted.

Shortly after Season 7’s premiere episode of “Asylum of the Daleks”, little 4 1/2 year old Lindalee Rose excitedly recapped the episode for her parents on the family video camera and we here at Beyond the Marquee were offered the edited video a couple days later to post up on our site exclusively.

Little did we know that Steven Moffat, the Executive Producer for Doctor Who would stumble upon the video and by the end of the week, retweet it to all his 400K fans on Twitter, from there Lindalee Rose suddenly became an overnight viral sensation on the web. Her YouTube video skyrocketed with hits and Whovians were thirsty for more.

A year later we celebrated over 2 dozen videos she’d created for us here at BTM and you can check out those highlights out by CLICKING HERE her out of this world adventures and keep reading below to see what she’s accomplished in her 2nd year.



October 29th 2013; the TARDIS rematerializes back at the Studio 23 soundstage as Lindalee hosts a special WHO’lloween Fan Art Episode with some scary illustrations sent in from her fans around the world


November 22nd 2013:  5 1/2 year old Lindalee Rose travels to London, the birthplace of the show to not only partake in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration weekend’s festivities, but to talk to fans and meet some of the cast from the show as well. Her 1st day on the job made the trip worthwhile as she met the show’s then resident time-lord, Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor). Keeping with the theme of the birthday weekend, Lindalee had some unique questions of her own for Matt.


November 23rd 2013: While normally Lindalee can be found on her review set following each new Doctor Who episode, this time around, she found herself amidst tens of thousands of fellow Whovians at the 50th Anniversary Celebration for the show. Having watched the 50th episode on location in London, what better place and with who else better than the fans themselves to get their takes on the historic episode.


Nov. 22-24th 2013: Lindalee was on hand in London to talk to the Cast and Fans in attendance for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Doctor Who! Our favorite little Whovian chatted it up with kids, adults, time-lords and even some aliens all converging together to show their appreciation for the hit BBC show, now in it’s fifth decade. Check out this fun video spanning over 3 days of out of this world fun for all.


November 24th 2013: Lindalee puts her own spin on a Shakespearean classic when she gets Doctor Who’s own Dan Starkey (aka Strax the Sontaran) to read a scene from Romeo and Juliet with her. If you’ve never heard a Sontaran Soldier recite lines from the Baird, you’re in for a real treat!


Nov 25th 2013: Lindalee Rose takes you on a brief trot around London, to visit some famous landmarks seen in classic and recent episodes of Doctor Who. Join Beyond the Marquee’s own 5 1/2 year old Whovian turns tour-guide as she spent her last day in London checking out historic locations that have made their way into some of the most iconic episodes of the hit BBC series. From the Westminster Bridge, Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery and more, explore with Lindalee as she is let loose on London!


Dec 27th 2013: Lindalee Rose provides her own stylized recap and review of the 2013 Christmas Episode of Doctor Who. In this installment, Matt Smith portrays the infamous time-lord one last time before handing over the reigns to the next Doctor; Peter Capaldi. When the Doctor spends his last remaining days protecting a planet against an onslaught of Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans and other evil villains, you can be sure that an adventure in space and time can be had.


February 14th 2014: Lindalee returns for her 2nd year visit at Gallifrey One. Having gotten her 1st big public break at the event the year before, her excitement was unbridled to return and connect with fellow Doctor Who fans and interview some of the cast of the show including; Colin Baker (6th Doctor), Paul McGann (8th Doctor), Billie Piper (Companion: Rose Tyler) and Arthur Darvill (Companion: Rory Williams)


February 15th 2014:  Instead of running away from the most dangerous villains in the Doctor Who Universe, BTM’s resident Whovian, 6 year old Lindalee Rose infiltrated the 2014 GALLIFREY ONE Convention dressed as a DALEK herself. While blending into her surroundings undetected by the Dalek drones, she took the time to ask some die-hard fans and familiar faces from the hit BBC show to deliver their best Dalek impersonations. From Time-Lords to Companions everybody gets in on the fun!


April 17th 2014: On this Doctor Who Fan-Art episode, Lindalee showcases fan-art from Doctor Who fans around the world, plus actor Arthur Darvill (“Rory Williams” from Doctor Who) offered to draw some Doctor Who fan-art for Lindalee’s fan-art review episode and we debuted it on this segment!


June 12th 2014: In the Season One finale of Lindalee’s DOCTOR WHO Fan Art Review, our resident 6 year old Whovian reviews a new batch of drawings submitted from fellow Doctor Who fans around the world and gets a fun TARDIS themed fan video submission.


August 14th 2014: Lindalee Rose was on hand at the famous Ziegfeld Theater in New York City for BBC America’s 2014 World Tour Fan Screening Premiere Event of Season 8 of Doctor Who. Beaming with excitement and with questions well prepared, Lindalee chatted it up not only with the latest regeneration of our favorite time-lord; Peter Capaldi, but also fellow traveling companion, Clara, played by Jenna Coleman, the show’s Executive Producer Steven Moffat and the Nerdist’s own Chris Hardwick who emceed the nights events.


August 15th 2014: Instead of taking the day off to rest from the prior nights activities of interviewing the Doctor Who cast and attending the World Premiere of the new 8th Season in New York City last week, Beyond the Marquee’s resident pint-size Whovian hitched a ride to Beacon, NY. to grab a themed lunch and sit down with Shirley Hot, the owner and founder of new The Pandorica restaurant. Giving a chance for Whovians around the world to live vicariously thru her, we learn it’s history, dive into it’s menu and find out what the future holds for this exciting new establishment.


Whats in store for Lindalee for year Three? More exciting Doctor Who reviews from a kids perspective, more celebrity interviews with cast and crew from the show, a return to Gallifrey One in February 2015 and much more! Stay tuned to Beyond the Marquee and our YouTube Channel for all the latest.


Lindalee on the set of her new Doctor Who Review series on the Studio 23 Soundstage.

Lindalee on the set of her new Doctor Who Review series on the Studio 23 Soundstage.


Thanks to all of our friends and followers who have supported Lindalee’s Doctor Who Reviewsand we look forward to another year of our darling little Dalek loving corespondent as she embarks on many more adventures.

 Have Fan Art or an Email for Lindalee? Drop her a line at; Lindalee@BeyondTheMarquee.com

CLICK HERE to scroll thru our archive of all of Lindalee’s Doctor Who Reviews…and MORE!





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