Founded by Steve Czarnecki in 2011, Beyond the Marquee is an Entertainment website and web-series that focuses on almost all aspects of film and television and everything in between. Beyond the Marquee’s “Marquee’ologist” team is made up of an eclectic group of individuals, all who have a diverse background and years of experience in showbiz. From Producers, Writers, Publicists, Actors, Musicians, Theme Park Show Designers, Film Editors and Voice Over Artists, they have all converged on BTM to write, post and report. With original web-series content, Entertainment news stories, celebrity interviews, personality-driven reviews and much more, Beyond the Marquee strives to highlight amazingly talented and creative individuals in the entertainment industry who do not always receive the spotlight they deserve.

Since our inception, we’ve immersed ourselves in promotions, events and interview opportunities with casts and crews of assorted projects associated with The Walt Disney Studios, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros Studios, BBC TV, Universal Pictures, The HUB, Paramount Pictures, Relativity Media and many other media producers and outlets.




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Main Features: The Beyond the Marquee main page, updated daily with select, breaking Entertainment news, original web-series segments, satirical commentaries and opinionated and insightful TV and Movie reviews.



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Web-Series: The Beyond the Marquee Web-Series extends to our official YouTube Channel with Red Carpet coverage, On-the-set and Behind-the-Scenes interviews and TV episode and home video reviews.


Beyond the Marquee joins The Nerdist Alliance

Beyond the Marquee is a proud part of the Nerdist Alliance


In 2013, Beyond the Marquee became a part of Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist Alliance, a community of curated partnerships with some of YouTube’s most talented and passionate creators.


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High resolution production photos and video clips are available for download from the Web for use by the press. To learn how to do this, please contact Kevin Stern, Beyond the Marquee’s Co-Producer/Public Relations Coordinator













“It’s a rewarding feeling to create a playground where you can run wild with your talents and imagination and invite friends and family to share in the fun with you.”

Steve Czarnecki
Founder / Creative Director


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