[VIDEOS] Check out ALL the Interviews and Coverage from the Doctor Who GALLIFREY ONE 2016 Convention with Lindalee Rose

When Gallifrey One, the biggest Doctor Who convention in the United States comes to town, you can bet the World’s Youngest Doctor Who Reporter and Reviewer; Lindalee Rose will be there. Our resident pint-sized Whovian always has a blast meeting the fans, cosplayers and of course the A-list of Cast & Crew flown in for this event!

Click ahead to check out all this years interviews from Gallifrey One with Lindalee with all of the amazing actors (Sir John Hurt, Michelle Gomez, Ingrid Oliver, Colin Baker, Jami Reid-Quarrell, Neve McIntosh and more!!!) who were on-hand and have portrayed some of the most memorable characters from the hit BBC sci-fi television drama. 



CHECK OUT Pics from Lindalee’s personal GALLIFREY ONE Photo Album, just CLICK HERE!!!



JOHN HURT (‘The War Doctor’) & LINDALEE –

Lindalee Rose interviews “The War Doctor”; Sir John Hurt (Doctor Who, Alien) at this year’s Gallifrey One – Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles.



Lindalee Rose interviews Ingrid ‘Osgood’ Oliver, the quirky but cute cos-playing character on Doctor Who, at this year’s Gallifrey One


MICHELLE GOMEZ (‘Missy/The Master’) & LINDALEE –

Darth Vader move over, Lindalee Rose interviews the newest and baddest villain in the galaxy; Michelle Gomez (aka ‘Missy/The Master’) from Doctor Who at this year’s Gallifrey One!


NEVE MCINTOSH (‘Madame Vastra’) & LINDALEE –

Lindalee invades the tea-time of Silurian detective Madame Vastra at the Gallifrey One 2016 Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles. What is the future of the investigative team of Vastra, Strax and Jenny (aka the Paternoster Gang), will the much talked about spin-off show become a reality, and what sort of Sonic would Madame Vastra have? All this and more will be revealed.



She’s 3 billion years old and on the High Council of the Sisterhood of Karn, she’s none other than the Gallifreyan High Priestess; Ohila. In this rare interview, with junior journalist and Whovian, Lindalee Rose, actress Clare Higgins opens up about her powerful role, her personal connection to Doctor Who, her loathing of the Daleks and much more!


JAMI REID-QUARRELL (‘Colony Sarff’/’The Veil’) & LINDALEE –

Actor Jami Reid-Quarrell who recently portrayed the scary characters of Colony Sarff and the Veil, in the 9th season of BBC’s ‘Doctor Who’, took a few minutes at the 2016 Gallifrey One convention, to sit with junior reporter and Whovian Lindalee Rose. What was it like to play such terrifying creatures, what are some secrets from the set, and what did Jami think of his very first Doctor Who convention? Watch and see…



If Sonic Screwdrivers were REAL, what would some of the cast of Doctor Who want theirs to look and sound like? That’s what Junior Reporter & Whovian; Lindalee Rose inquired at the 2016 Gallifrey One Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles, when she talked to John Hurt (War Doctor), Michelle Gomez (Missy), Ingrid Oliver (Osgood), Neve McIntosh (Madame Vastra), Ian McNiece (Winston Churchill) and Colin Baker (Doctor #6). Check out what clever and creative contraptions they dreamed up in this sonicically spectacular segment.


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“See WHO Next Time!” -Lindalee





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