Beyond the Marquee: The Web-Series (Episode 9) – MAX ADLER: TV BULLY, REAL LIFE HERO!


Every week in downtown LA, kids are coming together, learning, growing, performing, and shaping the future. This is thanks to City Hearts, a non-profit organization committed to getting kids off the streets and into the arts as an integral part of the preventative and rehabilitative effort of inner city Los Angeles. Recently this program added an exciting new member with a powerful new initiative: Max Adler, best known as Dave Karofsky from the 20th Century FOX hit TV show Glee. Beyond the Marquee’s resident “Gleek” Allison Tate-Cortese was on hand for the show entitled “All You Need is Love” where she had the chance to talk to Max. The performance coincidentally premiered one night after the emotionally shocking Glee Winter finale episode “On My Way” in which Max’s character faced some powerful personal demons related to bullying in that night’s episode which led to a climactic suicide attempt!

Max Adler (Center) with the City Hearts kids, founder Sherry Jason (Left) and teacher Rebekah Czarnecki (Next to Max)

Max has joined forces with City Hearts to launch his initiative “Max’s ABC  Campaign” which stands for Anti-Bullying through City Hearts. His goal is to inspire kids to “be brave enough to be kind” and provide a positive atmosphere and outlet by encouraging and enabling them to participate in the arts via City Hearts After School Programs.

Max watches the City Hearts students in an anti-bullying themed production

Bullying is a huge issue for Adler’s character on Glee, and one he has chosen to champion off screen by working with the selfless and talented volunteers at City Hearts  like Director Rebekah Brown Czarnecki. Under their guidance and teaching, the children were able to write, stage and perform their very own play that shared the message of anti-bullying in their very own way. This particular way happened to included zombie janitors, sci-fi fans, fighting sofas, and the ghost of Michael Jackson, all in high school.

Just how did the kids bring all those elements together to share a message of anti-bullying? Check out our video recap to find out!

The City Hearts kids remind the audience of their show's theme, Be Brave to Be Kind!!!


Glee returns April 10th 2012 at 8:00pm on FOX

City Hearts Photographs courtesy of Bel Air Photography




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  2. Mark says:

    Nice interview, Allison! What a great, uplifting story!

  3. Chris says:

    Great interview. Full of hope and optimism. Kudos to the children performers and their teachers. Thanks Max and Allison for sharing this story with us.

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