BTM’s On-the-Set Q&A with Tim Allen and the Cast of ABC’s, “Last Man Standing”

Tim Allen discusses being back on a hit TV show; ABC’s Last Man Standing.

To millions of TV viewers, Tim Allen will always be known as Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor; a role that put him on the map in the 1990’s and skyrocketed his career to infinity and beyond.  13 years removed from his top ABC comedy, “Home Improvement,” he’s back commanding the airwaves playing another ‘manly man,’ Mike Baxter, on the ABC hit comedy, “Last Man Standing.”

The new role may seem familiar to those well-acquainted with Home Improvement, but this time around, Allen plays a character living in a woman’s world dominated by his wife and three daughters.  The setup is perfectly suited for Tim Allen’s brand of macho humor as it finds him dealing with the ever-declining predominance of manhood in society.  As Mike’s wife, Vanessa, returns to the workplace, he is pulled into a more hands-on parenting role than ever before, often leading to unorthodox ways of dealing with the women he’s surrounded by.

His last bastion of sanity – work – is changing too; taken off supervising the international photo shoots for his outdoor sporting goods store catalog, he’s put to work managing the store’s website.  While adjusting to the new job, he discovers the Internet might just provide the outlet he needs to give voice to his belief that manliness in today’s society is under assault.

“Last Man Standing” stars Tim Allen as Mike, Nancy Travis as Vanessa, Kaitlyn Dever as Eve, Molly Ephraim as Mandy, Alexandra Krosney as Kristin, Christoph Sanders as Kyle and Hector Elizondo as Ed.  The show is currently wrapping its first season and has been renewed for the 2012-2013 television season.

Beyond the Marquee recently caught up with Tim and the cast of the show at CBS-Radford Studios in Studio City as ABC opened up the doors  to allow for a discussion and a visit to the set.  We were first introduced to the lovely ladies that make up the female equation of the show as they answered questions about everything from working with Tim Allen to staying current with the latest hit TV show.

Nancy Travis, Alexandra Krosney, Kaitlyn Dever, and Molly Ephraim from Last Man Standing.



Nancy Travis, a veteran of several sitcoms including the Bill Engvall Show and the sorely underrated, Almost Perfect, had this to say about working with comic veterans Tim Allen and Hector Elizondo.



Alexandra Krosney talks about the television shows that have influenced her comedic acting on “Last Man Standing” and the current show that is must-see-TV for her.



Molly Ephram talks about the fun of playing Shakespeare’s Juliet on a forgetful comic level in the latest episode, Wherefore Art Thou, Mike Baxter.”



As the ladies exited, we were introduced to Tim Allen, Hector Elizondo and Christoph Sanders.  Tim Allen was in good spirits as he spoke fondly of how blessed he feels to be on another hit show.

Hector Elizondo, Tim Allen, Christoph Sanders of Last Man Standing.


Tim Allen discusses his appreciation of working on the historic, yet quaint, CBS-Radford lot in Studio City.



Spending his time on Home Improvement working with three growing boys, Tim discusses what it’s like for him now working with three girls and how he prefers being surrounded by women.



Tim Allen is still very much a man’s man in real life and talks about some of the similarities and differences to his TV show character, Mike Baxter.



Hector Elizondo plays the head honcho of an outdoor sporting goods store and had this to say about his own appreciation of the wild outdoors.



Stage 9 – Wall plaque marks the former home of Seinfeld and the current home of ABC’s Last Man Standing.

“Last Man Standing” is currently filmed on historic Stage 9 at the CBS-Radford Studios.  Stage 9 holds distinction as the home of Seinfeld, Tim Allen’s ratings competitor to Home Improvement throughout the entire 90’s.



When asked what it was like making a new home on the former stage of Jerry Seinfeld’s show, Tim and his co-stars had some humorous words about moving in.




Longtime Tim Allen collaborator, John Pasquin, sets up a scene during rehearsals.


Director John Pasquin, Nancy Travis and Robert Forster on set.




“Last Man Standing” airs  Tuesday nights at 8:00 Eastern – 7:00 Central on ABC.









Tim Allen’s Disney Legends wall plaque located at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA.

Tim Allen’s handprints on his Disney Legends plaque located at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank.

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3 Responses to “BTM’s On-the-Set Q&A with Tim Allen and the Cast of ABC’s, “Last Man Standing””

  1. Jeanette says:

    How awesome you guys got to cover this, I love this show, I’m jealous you met the cast, are you visiting any other ABC shows?!

    • Kevin says:

      @ Quinnie. You’re welcome for the coverage! We did ask your question!

      @ Jeanette. Meeting the cast of a good family show is always a pleasure and just as much fun for us even though we are working. We at BTM are always looking for the next show visit and do get invitations from time to time which we pursue based upon interest. We currently have plans to interview Jane Levy from ABC’s hit show, ‘Suburgatory’. We’ll probably get to that in early summer. Stay tuned!

  2. Quinnie says:

    Thanks for the coverage…really pleased the show has been given another season…

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