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ABC’s ONCE UPON A TIME – “White Out” Season 4, Episode 2 (TV Review)

Previously on Once Upon a Time.… A powerful individual by the name of Elsa came to the city of Storybrooke, Maine on the quest of finding her younger sister Anna. The main takeaway from the first episode was that one of Anna’s necklace’s had come into the possession of one Mr. Gold aka Rumplestiltskin. On top […]

ABC to Air “Lady Gaga & The Muppets’ Holiday Spectacular” on Thanksgiving Night

On Thanksgiving night, November 28 (9:30-11:00 p.m., ET), the ABC Television Network will air the 90-minute special, “Lady Gaga & The Muppets’ Holiday Spectacular.” The broadcast offers an avant-garde twist on the classic holiday variety show as Lady Gaga goes backstage with The Muppets, making a performance dream come true for the multi-platinum singer songwriter […]

[Featured Post] Catching Up With Actress Jane Levy


“Living in the ‘burbs can be hell, but escape for Tessa is not an option.” It took us awhile to coordinate our schedules, but Beyond the Marquee has landed an exclusive interview with actress Jane Levy (aka “Tessa Altman”) from ABC’s “Suburgatory” and star of the upcoming Evil Dead remake.  We’d like to extend an opportunity for […]

BTM’s On-the-Set Q&A with Tim Allen and the Cast of ABC’s, “Last Man Standing”

To millions of TV viewers, Tim Allen will always be known as Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor; a role that put him on the map in the 1990’s and skyrocketed his career to infinity and beyond.  13 years removed from his top ABC comedy, “Home Improvement,” he’s back commanding the airwaves playing another ‘manly man,’ […]

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