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At first glance, it’s pretty difficult not to notice Jane Levy when she’s walking in your direction.  Bright, beautiful and extremely talented all at the young age of 23, Levy has quickly established herself as an actress garnering high accolades for just about every television and movie production she’s been involved with thus far.  Her fiery red hair (she’s naturally blonde) tends to set her apart from the crowd and meeting her in person, you quickly realize she’s even more beautiful than what you see on the screen.  You may think with all those positives in her favor that it might put a chip on her shoulder, but the opposite is actually true.  Gracious and charming, Levy is as down-to-earth as her character, Tessa, which she plays on the ABC hit comedy, “Suburgatory”; a parody which takes a lighthearted look at suburban life as viewed through the eyes of a city girl at heart.

Jane Levy

Jane Levy

Following an education at the prestigious Stella Adler Conservatory in New York, Levy’s auspicious beginning with professional acting found her landing an early role on Showtime’s Shameless” within weeks of her moving to LA.  Not long after, she secured the lead role of Tessa in “Suburgatory” which debuted in the Fall of 2011 and just recently wrapped up its second season.  In addition to her television work, Jane has kept a full slate by appearing in the feature, Nobody Walks, followed by a starring role alongside Victoria Justice in Nickelodeon’s 2012 theatrical comedy, Fun Size.  This Friday, Jane Levy ventures into completely new territory with her sinister portrayal of “Mia” in the remake of Sam Raimi’s classic 1981 horror film, Evil Dead.

Beyond the Marquee recently caught up with Jane to discuss her new role in the Evil Dead remake, what fans can look for in the Season 2 closer of “Suburgatory”, and a host of assorted questions that may give a little insight into Jane’s personal interests as well.   It was an honor speaking with her and we look forward to much more success for Jane in the years to follow.


BTM: You just got back from the Evil Dead premiere and the film is already garnering great reviews with a nationwide US release on April 5th.  What drew you to doing that particular horror project and the role of Mia after having established yourself in more comedic roles on “Suburgatory” and last year’s Fun Size? 

Evil Dead

Jane Levy as “Mia” in the ‘Evil Dead’ remake.


JL: I think it wasn’t a conscious choice to try to establish myself in a different genre,  lt was mostly that I just wanted to try something new because you work on television for so many months out of the year.  I like change and I was looking for something that I’d never done before and horror seems like definitely the farthest thing from “Suburgatory” that I could pick.  And this is also like the horror of all horror films and in it I’m not a scream queen; I actually get to be a villain and that’s why I was attracted to the role of Mia.


BTM: It was announced that your next film project is going to be a horror film called, In a Dark Place.  Is this going to be more of a thriller or does it share some of the same gore level of Evil Dead?

JL: I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to talk about it, but I will say that it’s definitely not gory like Evil Dead and it’s more psychological.


Jane Levy and Malin Akerman as mom & daughter on "Suburgatory"

Jane Levy and Malin Akerman as mom & daughter on “Suburgatory”

BTM: Changing gears a bit to “Suburgatory”.  You just wrapped a successful second season and viewers are now catching the last few episodes on air.  Any hints at surprises for your character, Tessa, that may show up in the season closer and leave fans with a cliffhanger till Season 3?

JL: Yeah. Tessa’s mom is going to come back into the picture.  That’s been a big part of my storyline all season and I guess also at the end of Season 1.  Alex (Malin Akerman) will come back and it puts a bit of a gap between me and my dad.


Suburgatory Cast

The cast of “Suburgatory”
(L-R) Rex Lee, Allie Grant, Carly Chaikin, Jane Levy, Emily Kapnek (show creator), Jeremy Sisto, Cheryl Hines, Alan Tudyk

BTM: Have you personally been able to influence any aspects of Tessa’s character throughout the season by giving some thoughts to the show’s creative staff or do you rely on the writers to mold and shape her through each episode?

JL: I do rely a lot on their creativity.  I don’t necessarily come up with storylines, but Emily (Kapnek) takes stuff from our personal lives all the time and injects it into the episodes.  Something that I really like about our show and how generous Emily is and how the set is like a big family; she puts a lot of our friends and family members into the show.  Ana Gasteyer’s daughter was in an episode, Jeremy Sisto’s mother (Reedy Gibbs) was in an episode.  That kind of stuff is really fun.


BTM: You’ve had a very successful start to your acting career where you really hit the ground running.  Outside of acting, do you have any personal ambitions yet unattained?

JL: Yeah, there is a lot of other stuff I would like to do someday.  I would love to make my own film.  I don’t know, maybe writing, directing or producing … I would love to do all those things.  I’d like to not have my whole entire life be consumed by the movie industry.  But, right now it sort of feels like that.  Maybe while I have some time off in the next couple weeks, I’ll come up with a new hobby.



QuickTakes   Quick Takes with Jane Levy

Jane also took the time to field an assortment of quick and somewhat random questions from her fans and Beyond the Marquee viewers that give some insight into a few of her likes and interests outside of life in the limelight.


BTM: What is your favorite color?

JL:  I don’t have a favorite color.


BTM: Your favorite movie of all time?

JL:  That’s a hard question, but Night of the Hunter is one of them.


BTM: Favorite Disney movie?

Suburgatory - Levy

Jane Levy as Tessa on ABC’s “Suburgatory”

JL:  My favorite Disney movie is probably Sword in the Stone.


BTM: Your biggest pet peeve?

JL:  I don’t like being elbow nudged.


BTM: The music that’s typically playing on your iPod?

JL:  I like all sorts of music, really.  I have pretty eclectic tastes if I do say so myself.


BTM: Which do you prefer, eating salsa or dancing it?

JL:  Eating salsa.


BTM: Name three things you cannot live without.

JL:  Food and water and love.


Jane Levy as "Mia" in the 2013 remake of Sam Raimi's horror classic, 'Evil Dead'

Jane Levy as “Mia” in the 2013 remake of Sam Raimi’s horror classic, ‘Evil Dead’

BTM: Other than being buried alive in Evil Dead, what is your worst phobia?

JL:  I’m scared of waking up and there’s a stranger in my house.


BTM: What career might you be in if you weren’t an actor?

JL:  Manicurist.


BTM: Your favorite book and what are you currently reading?

JL:  My favorite book is “East of Eden” by John Steinbeck.  Right now I’m reading a mystery crime novel, called “Bolero” by Joanie McDonell.


BTM: Favorite television show, past or present (other than “Suburgatory”, of course).

JL:  “Twin Peaks”

"Suburgatory" - Wednesdays on ABC

“Suburgatory” – Wednesdays on ABC


BTM: How do you manage to get the curls in your hairstyle so perfect?

JL:  It’s not me, it’s my hairstylist.  I’m a big loser when it comes to beauty.  I don’t know how to do it myself.  She does it with a curling iron, that’s all I can say.


BTM: What is your favorite candy?

JL:  Sour Patch Kids.


BTM: And your favorite food?

JL:  Sushi.


BTM: What film director would you be absolutely honored to work for and why?

JL:  Paul Thomas Anderson because I love everything about his movies and I find them all so vastly different from one another.


BTM: If your life was a book, how would you want it to end?   

JL:  In a house on top of a really beautiful hill with a loving family.



‘Evil Dead’ premieres on Friday, April 5th in US theatres nationwide. 

Jane Levy can also be seen each week on “Suburgatory” airing at its new time:
Wednesdays 8:30 I 7:30c on ABC. 

You can catch up on previous Season 2 episodes of “Suburgatory” at the following link: http://abc.go.com/watch/suburgatory/SH55126593

Season 1 of “Suburgatory” is currently available on Warner Home Video DVD. 

Kevin Stern is a co-producer and contributing writer for Beyond the Marquee.  His articles can be found on BTM via this link:  http://beyondthemarquee.com/category/about-us/articles-by-author/kevin-stern/     He can be reached at: kstern129@gmail.com



Jane Levy in a clip from Evil Dead which debuts April 5th.


A short primer on what “Suburgatory” is all about … 



Tessa’s mom (Malin Akerman) makes a surprise appearance …



Tessa prepares her boyfriend Ryan (Parker Young) for a guest host stint on “Teen Talk”.



Jane Levy singing the theme song to “Suburgatory” in the Season 2 premiere episode. 



Suburgatory Season 2

“Suburgatory” – Wednesdays on ABC 8:30 / 7:30c





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